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Global Issues Design Challenge - Fiji

Global Issues Design Challenge - Fiji

Build your skills to change the world on a week-long (remote) adventure to Fiji. Meet the local team and learn about Fiji’s work to tackle the issues of marine conservation. Then, using IDEO’s Design Thinking framework, collaborate with your team of Rustic students from around the globe to identify a specific problem and develop and pitch a solution.

Marine ecosystems are a very pressing concern for most Pacific Island countries with the fact that they are surrounded by water. From commercial fishing impacts to trash and climate change, a variety of issues have become daily impacts for most villages and communities as they try to come up with ways to fight against this. In Fiji, they have even gone to the extent of re-locating more than 10 villages further inland with the rising of the sea level.

Program Profile
Program Profile

During the Global Issues Design Challenge, you will:

  • Be empowered to take real action at a time when the world is ready for change.
  • Develop creative thinking skills, grow as a global citizen, and have practiced thinking about systems for change.
  • Network with like-minded Rustic Pathways students and staff, and experts from around the world.
  • Apply a Design Thinking framework with your team to quickly iterate creative solutions.
  • Earn a 15 hour Community Impact Certificate reflecting the time spent on the program.
  • Build something to brag about on your college transcript.

Your Rustic program leaders will guide you on this learning journey, and local experts will join to share context and insights. You and your team will drive the learning journey, diving into your burning questions about how these critical issues impact our world, and where your passions and interests connect with creating meaningful change.

Join our Fiji team and learn about the human, economic, and cultural impacts of threats to marine ecosystems. You’ll become more aware of the situation and also become self-aware and self-accountable in ways we can all fight against climate change on our various corners of the world. You’ll apply your critical thinking skills to build creative ways that the tiny island of Fiji can protect and mitigate threats to their important waters.

Weekly Overview

Monday : Empathize – Live interaction with the Fiji country team. Learn about marine ecosystems, human and natural threats, and local culture.
Tuesday : Define– Get to know your Rustic Pathways program leader and team of Rustic students. Further discussions help you build further background knowledge.
Wednesday : Ideate – Brainstorm ideas with your team for how you might improve the health of marine ecosystems. The sky’s the limit here!!!!
Thursday : Prototype & Test – Work with your group to flesh out your solution concept and plan your final presentation.
Friday : Present – Live presentations of your plans! The team with the best plan wins Rustic gear!