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Online Spanish Language Intensive

Online Spanish Language Intensive


Experience our fun introductory Spanish language immersion online. Get a jump start to fluency in 5 weeks with expert teachers as you learn in an interactive and personalized setting. Your language skills will soar with a thoughtful combination of small-group classes, 1-on-1 practice time, and cultural immersion activities.

With 50 hours of class time, and 15 hours of 1-on-1 practice and cultural immersion activities, this is the most intense language program that Rustic Pathways has offered!

Dates: 7/13/20 through 8/14/20 (Monday-Friday)
Time: Group classes are 11am – 1pm ET
Other activities scheduled with your teacher

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Program Profile
Program Profile

Language Classes
You will work closely with a trained teacher to progress quickly through your introduction to the language. Groups of just 4 students mean that you will have lots of opportunities to engage with teachers and peers to grow your skills. 2 hours each day (M-F) will help you get on your path to fluency.

1-on-1 Practice
Meet with a tutor to practice conversation and speaking skills. You’ll be able to practice topics you’ve already learned in class, or branch out into topics of your own interest. 30 minutes – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Cultural Immersion
Your expert facilitator will introduce you to fun cultural activities that give you a living context for the language. You’ll be amazed by the beauty and diversity of Costa Rica as you learn songs, cooking recipes, dances, and more while hanging out with new friends. 45 minutes – Tuesday and Friday