Why Travel With Your Class

Why Travel With Your Class

Traveling with your students is one of the most important things you can do as an educator. An educational travel experience not only enables students to put into practice the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom, but it also challenges them to step outside their comfort zones and helps them develop skills, habits, and mindsets closely associated with future success.

Students who travel with their teachers and peers report feeling happier and more engaged at school. They also perform better academically and interpersonally than their peers. According to results from the survey, ‘Travel Improves Educational Attainment & Future Success” students who travel:

  1. Are more engaged—80% thought educational travel sparked greater interest in what they were learning in school.
  2. Are more successful in school—More than half of students who traveled achieved better grades.
  3. Are more likely than their peers to pursue higher education opportunities—57% of people who traveled as children went to college.
  4. Are more likely to earn higher wages—Adults who took domestic education trips during their youth earned 12% more than those who didn’t.

In addition to the positive changes you’ll see in your students after taking a group trip together, traveling with them will benefit you as an educator in many ways as well.

You’ll get to see your teaching outcomes in action, which can help you improve the way you present specific lessons and concepts in the classroom.

A group trip will also strengthen the rapport between you and your students. You’ll find that a shared travel experience builds trust among your students, as well as between you and them, which will lead to a more cohesive––and productive-–classroom environment when you return home.

Hear from educators are who have traveled with their students to find out exactly why you should, too.