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For me, working for Rustic Pathways has not only fulfilled my personal career goals, but it has also allowed me to fulfill personal goals—teaching the next generation of students the importance of protecting our shared humanity. The experiences I create for students have the power to rectify stereotypes and bring people of different backgrounds together. At Rustic Pathways, I don't only help youth travel but I also help to shape the future!

Quote by: Chaima Ait El Mekki Morocco Country Director

Winning companies provide great workplaces for employees and encourage a balance between work and enjoying life in the great outdoors, while also respecting the environment. The winning companies are those that value productivity in combination with an active, eco-conscious lifestyle, for a fulfilling experience inside and outside the office.

Quote by: Outside Magazine 2016, 2017, and 2018

Rustic Pathways is an incredible company. The programs are created to develop and encourage the new generation to get outside experience life and become a strong, confident, outgoing person.

Quote by: Declan Pearl Australia Program Leader

For our large-sized company category (companies with more than 100 employees), the industries spanned across the board—from construction to technology and everything in between. All 50 companies were scored in 10 core categories—collaboration, innovation, agility, communication, support, wellness, mission and value alignment, work environment, responsibility and performance focus—on a scale of zero to 100.

Quote by: Entrepreneur Magazine 2017

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Rustic Pathways is committed to creating a world where travel is accepted as an essential part of every education, travel is a model of sustainable development, all people are connected by a shared humanity, and all decisions are made with a global perspective.

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