Discover the Secrets of Success and See What Our Students Have Accomplished

Discover the Secrets of Success and See What Our Students Have Accomplished

Climate Leaders Fellowship

The Climate Leaders Fellowship has enabled hundreds of students to make an impact in their local communities.

The leadership development program is for high school students interested in climate change and environmental sustainability, and is provided by a collaboration between the Deliberative Democracy Lab at Stanford University, the Rustic Pathways Foundation and Rustic Pathways.

On the page below view a portfolio of the students’ work, including articles, videos and guest posts from fellowship participants.

Interviews Highlights


Media Videos Reels

Student Interviews & Guest Posts: In Their Own Words!

Threads of Change: Canadian Teens Transforms Textile Waste

Read Vanessa’s Story

Unmasking Urban Neglect: Enhancing Environmental Awareness in Seoul

Read Jaeyong’s Story

Two International Students in London Transform Waste Management at Their School

Read Mari and Lily’s Story

Youth Leaders Unite to Bring Recycling and Environmental Education to a Local Mosque

Read Khadeejah’s Story

14-Year-Old Virginia Student Educates Youth About Composting

Read Junnah’s Story

Louisiana Students Organize Educational Climate Retreat for Peers

Read Karya’s Story

Pennsylvania Teen Turns Plastic Bags into Sustainable Solutions

Read Kayla’s Story

13-Year-Old New York Student Takes Action to Protect Endangered Monarch Butterflies

Read Gavin’s Story

Egyptian Teen Helps Change School Mindset and Create Green Club

Read Jana’s Story

Sustainable Seeds of Change: Empowering Young Minds through Recycling Education

Read Prajanya’s Story

NJ Student’s Composting Project Transforms an Elementary School’s Approach to Waste

Read Taylor’s Story

Bay Area Student Empowers Youth to Shape Climate Policy with Seminar

Read Jayden’s Story

Teaching and Empowering Youth: Utah Student’s Climate Change Initiatives

Read Leah’s Story

North Carolina Teen Empowers Community With Clothing Swap

Read Anna’s Story

Championing Environmental Education: Miami Teen Inspires Sustainable Action

Read Alex’s Story

NYC Teen’s Eco-Activism: Inspiring Change in Her Apartment Building

Read Cassidy’s Story

Teenage Trio Inspires Recycling Revolution at San Ramon School

Read Ria’s Story

High School Juniors Join Forces to Tackle Clothing Waste in Arlington

Read Keiran and Grant’s Story

Fashioning a Sustainable Future: West Virgina Student’s Green Fashion Education

Read Sydney’s Story

Catalyzing Change: A Teen’s Environmental Activism Journey in Egypt

Read Salma’s Story

Growing Change: A Teen’s Eco-Initiative Cultivating Freshness in New York School

Read Riya’s Story

Educating the Community: From Recycling to Raising Funds for a Greener World

Read Yusur’s Story

Growing Green: Ohio Teen’s Composting Project for a Sustainable Future

Read Leah’s Story

Young Climate Leader’s Impactful Clothing Swap in Virginia

Read Kathryn’s Story

Awareness and Activism: Inspiring Change through Climate Education

Read Nick’s Story

Egyptian Student Leads Transformation of School for a Greener Future

Read Adam’s Story

14-Year-Old Colorado Student Designs Waste Management Project

Read Aryan’s Story

Ohio Teen’s Quest to Reduce Carbon Footprints

Read Ezri’s Story

Teen Climate Leader Ignites Conversations on Environmental Awareness

Read Victoria’s Story

Esther’s Journey in Spreading Awareness and Reducing Waste

Read Esther’s Story

New Orleans Teens Plan A Future of Composting Success

Read Lou’s Story

Spanish Exchange Student’s Climate Mission in Michigan

Read Ixeya’s Story

Virginia Teen Wins Service Award & Fights Climate Change With Fellowship Projects

Read Marin’s Story

15-Year-Old New York Student Helps 500 Homeless Individuals By Donating Socks

Read Malaika’s Story

High School Student Takes Action to Improve Literacy in Juvenile Detention Centers

Read Carla’s Story

Climate Fellowship Impacts: Two California Teens Donate Over 150 Pairs of Shoes

Read Audrey and Hanna’s Story

15-Year-Old Climate Leader Organizes 2 Material Drives to Benefit California Community

Read Varin’s Story

Brooklyn Student Creates a Movement to Plant Trees With Green Space Initiative

Read Tabor ‘s Story

Two Indiana Juniors Raise Over $2,800 to Help Refugees in Their Community

Read Noelle and Marissa’s Story

Climate Fellowship Teens Set Out to Raise Funds & Educate Community About Ocean Acidification

Read Harrison’s Story

New Jersey Student Makes an Impact By Donating Eco-Friendly Socks to Unhoused Individuals

Read Grace’s Story

Philippines Teen Helps People in Need by Collecting Clothes

Read Esther’s Story

Miami Student Organizes Forest Restoration & Raises Money for Nature Camp

Read Alex’s Story

Young Artist’s Waste for Art Project Inspires Peers to Reduce Plastic Consumption

Read Vina’s Story

California Student Leads Donation Drive to Limit Overconsumption

Read Kate’s Story

Student Project Aims to Raise Awareness of Climate Change and Its Impact on Jeju Island

Read Sunghoon’s Story

15-Year-Old Student Takes Initiative to Raise Awareness of Climate Change

Read Matthew’s Story

Project Highlights

Rustic Students Excel in New Climate Leaders Fellowship Program

Read More

Teen Environmentalist Launches a Program for Local Elementary School Children

Read Neha’s Story

A New Environmental Program Inspires the Best Young Minds to Take Local Action

Read More

Plastic Use, Fast Fashion and Food Waste: How Teenagers Worldwide Are Combating Environmental Issues

Read More

How the Pandemic Changed Volunteering: 7 New Trends

Read More

Texas Students Donate 240 Articles of Warm Clothing & Blankets Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Read Manvi, Jessie and Yumi’s Stories

Rustic Spirit Spotlights

Rustic Spirit Spotlights: Meet the Young Climate Leaders Who Are Making a Difference

Read Lily, Aine and Chan Myae’s Stories

Rustic Spirit Spotlights: Student Impact Goes Coast to Coast in the USA

Read Ruby and Elyse’s Stories

Rustic Spirit: Get to Know Climate Leaders Fellowship Alumni

Read More

Student Interview Videos

Julia from Japan Shares her Experience with the Fellowship and her Inspiring Project

Julienne from Oregon Discusses the Climate Fellowship and Her Remarkable Project

Pichamon from Thailand Gives an Inside Look at the Fellowship and Her Impactful Project

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