North Carolina Teen Empowers Community With Clothing Swap
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North Carolina Teen Empowers Community With Clothing Swap

The Climate Leaders Fellowship nurtures a passion for climate change and sustainability. Powered by the Stanford University Deliberative Democracy Lab and the Rustic Pathways Foundation, this online initiative empowers students in combating environmental challenges. Read Anna’s story below!

Anna Montero
Age 15
Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies
Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Hi! My name is Anna Montero, I am 15 years old and I am from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Elizabeth City is an amazing town and community to live in, but not everybody here is fortunate enough to provide for their families. Along with this, I also will admit we aren’t the most eco- friendly place.

After hearing about the Climate Leaders Fellowship and that I could make a change on people AND the environment, I researched and decided to focus my project on clothing waste. I marketed it as a “Kids Clothing Swap” allowing anybody to bring in children’s clothing and trade it for gently used clothing. This event allowed people to bring what they could, and take what they needed.

I held this event in a banquet room at Montero’s Restaurant and had clothing laid out by size. Using volunteers from my school, we sorted clothing and helped about 30 people get more clothes for their children.

Working with Green Saves Green (local environmental organization), and Montero’s Restaurant I marketed my event on social media and on posters. Once the event was over, I reflected and shared my progress with the board of Green Saves Green.

Seeing parents, grandparents, and children come out to support my event and support their families was so rewarding. I was reminded that no matter your age, abilities, or confidence, you can make a change in so many people’s lives.

The Climate Leaders Fellowship was such a wonderful experience. Though the fellowship took a lot of effort and time, I would not trade what I gained for the world.

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