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Learn how Alex overcame obstacles to ultimately organize a forest restoration and invasive plant removal field trip with her high school.
Kate participated in the Climate Leaders Fellowship and created a project that will help limit overconsumption during her school's spirit week.
Learn how Malaika raised funds to purchase and donate eco-friendly socks to individuals experiencing homelessness.
Students across Texas found similar needs in their local communities and successfully ran winter clothing and blanket donation drives!
Marin participated in two cycles of the Climate Leaders Fellowship, and was even a student facilitator that led bi-monthly meetings. Read her guest post about her Fellowship experiences.
Harrison and his Climate Leaders Fellowship project partner worked to raise funds and educate their Pebble Beach community about how ocean waters are changing. Read how they did it!
Carla started a donation drive to collect books for local juvenile detention facilities. Learn how she got amazing results for her Climate Leaders Fellowship project and is now working to establish clubs at different high schools to bring juvenile prison reform to the public eye. 
Matthew Lee is a 9th grader living in California. Through the Climate Leaders Fellowship, Matthew was able to learn about climate change in a way that was outside of his comfort zone and he was glad he did it.
Sunghoon is a 16-year-old student living on Jeju Island, an UNESCO Reserve. He has noticed the effects of climate change on the island and set out to raise awareness during the Climate Leaders Fellowship.
Audrey and Hanna from the Bay Area, California were project partners in the Climate Leaders Fellowship program. Learn how they launched a donation drive to donate many shoes to homeless shelters.
Grace joined the third cycle of the Climate Leaders Fellowship and raised funds to purchase and donate 450 pairs of socks! Read more about her project here.
Rustic Pathways students spend time with indigenous families in multiple countries to learn about their cultures. Here are some of the people they meet while traveling.
Imagine ziplining to school or having chess be part of your standard curriculum. School looks quite different in other parts of the world. Take a look.
Students participating in the Climate Leaders Fellowship program in the Spring of 2022 designed a plethora of projects to tackle waste management issues.
The science is clear - service is rewarding both for the people doing the service and for the communities benefiting from it. But how do teens learn to love community service?
Juneteenth not only teaches us lessons about the past. It also puts a spotlight on modern day slavery that afflicts the international community.