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This week's Rustic Spirit Spotlights feature students in Tennessee and South Carolina who are making an impact in their communities!
Teens in Wisconsin, Texas and South Carolina are positively impacting their communities. Check out their inspiring actions!
Check out these amazing students in Minnesota, South Dakota and Tennessee who are making postive changes in their communities.
17-year-old students from Colorado, Virginia and Washington are inspiring us with their actions and making a difference in their communities.
Teens in North Carolina and Washington are making an impact in their communities. Read all about their inspiring actions!
High school students in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and the United States each launched their own donation drive project. Read on to learn more about their efforts and how these young changemakers made incredible impacts!
Those who have the desire to help others and get involved in their communities have what we call “Rustic Spirit”. Read how these teens in Colorado, New York and California are making a difference in the world.
Teens in Colorado and Nevada are working to create positive change in their communities. Read all about their inspiring actions!
Read about teens in Oklahoma, Massachusetts and Montana who are doing great work in their local communities.
Teens with Rustic Spirit assist others in need and brighten people's days through acts of service. These students embody this spirit and are making a positive impact wherever they go.
Teens and young adults around the world are positively impacting their communities. We are celebrating these teens in Rustic Spirit Spotlights. Check out these changemakers doing amazing work!
High school students in Indiana and New York are bettering their schools and communities. In Rustic Spirit Spotlights we recognize their amazing work!
Rustic Spirit Spotlights highlight young leaders who are making a positive impact. These teens in New York, Utah and South Dakota are doing awesome work in their communities.
Two teens from Alabama and one teen from California are featured in this week's Rustic Spirit Spotlights. These individuals are community-oriented and positive impact-minded. We are here to recognize their work!
Teens have the power to change the world, and they are! Young people are doing amazing work in their communities. We are recognizing and celebrating these individuals in our Rustic Spirit Spotlights. 
Rustic Spirit Spotlights are a collection of stories that shine a light on teen changemakers. They demonstrate leadership while working hard to make a positive impact.
Students in Colorado, Louisiana and Missouri are recognized by Rustic Pathways for incredible impact work!
High school students in California and Ohio are positively impacting the lives of others. We recognize young changemakers in Rustic Spirit Spotlights!
Changemakers in Bangkok, Thailand are leading young and making a positive impact.