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Students sometimes get a chance to sample snacks like fried creepy crawlies when they are traveling. Here are a few of the unusual foods you may encounter while on the road.
Bro, we know the generations are a bit different. Here are some ways that they diverge in their travel plans.
As we get ready for Halloween, here are some places where our students travel that ghosts have been known to lurk.
Take a look at just some of the people who have changed the world of travel through their expeditions, including a few travelers who overcame major barriers on their road to exploration.
If you love Stranger Things, you can use this quiz to pick your next travel destination.
With just a phone in hand, student travelers can capture head-turning photos. Here are tips on how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Dances on TikTok may seem compelling, but the world has much more to offer - from fire dances to hula to dances you may have never seen.
See what nations were ranked best for adventure, heritage and more.
The Chinese zodiac may be the tool you need to pick your next travel destination.
Things are looking up for travel bugs. Here are some predictions about what is in store in the summer of 2022.
Need something to smile about? These photos will get you excited about 2022 travel.
Get a sneak peak at well-known movies that feature landscapes from the states and territories where Rustic students travel.
As we celebrate the return to student travel, we've gathered a list of more than 20 songs that'll help you prepare for the journey, and rejoice in all the world has to offer.