Rustic Spirit Spotlights: Lillian, Vivian, and Jamie
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Rustic Spirit Spotlights: Lillian, Vivian, and Jamie

Young changemakers with Rustic Spirit strive to enhance their communities and reach people in need. At Rustic Pathways we acknowledge and celebrate these individuals who work to improve lives and create a better world.

Below, meet young change makers who exemplify Rustic Spirit. We’re honored to recognize them!

Lillian Scott
Age 18
Grand County High School
Moab, Utah

As a member of the UServeUtah high school council for two years, Lillian is currently leading the creation of a memorial mural, honoring two fellow students. She organized the “Power of Art Party,” fostering creativity and socialization among young students who made art pieces with the help of 18 volunteers.

Lillian spearheaded “Youth Voices Speak Out,” an event aimed at addressing depression, anxiety, suicidality, and bullying among students. Her survey efforts had high participation rates, and the subsequent event drew over 250 attendees. Lillian just wrapped up a 2-year term on  Moab’s Public Library Board and remains engaged in her church community.

Lillian plans to major in business at the University of Oklahoma, with a possible minor in fine arts or English. She envisions a career path that includes owning an art or magazine business, or delving into community and social work. In her free time she loves to volunteer, do art, hike, read, paddle board, ski and play tennis.

Lillian says volunteer wherever you can, with as many groups as you can! You’ll make a ton of great, meaningful connections, and it’ll be super fun. If that’s not your vibe, start your own project to meet a community need you see.

Vivian Widmier
Age 18
Morgan High School
Morgan, Utah

As a student from a rural community, Vivian has raised a variety of animals over the years which led to her family starting a therapy animal business named Running Wind Therapy Horses. These specially trained therapy mini horses spread positivity in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. Driven by the impact she witnessed, Vivian embarked on training her own set of therapy animals, ranging from ducks to a raven, snake, corgi, bunny, and a new addition, a baby lamb.

Vivian’s compassion extends to her role as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the pediatrics unit of a local hospital. Interacting with patients and their families daily, she offers care, compassion, and smiles in challenging situations.

Currently majoring in animal, dairy, and veterinary sciences at Utah State University, Vivian is excited to follow her lifelong dream of becoming an equine vet. Vivian is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys horse riding, hiking, running, backpacking and building trails. She captained her high school mountain bike race team, working to encourage more girls to participate. She also loves to write!

Vivian says spread positivity like glitter, that sticks everywhere. Small acts of kindness can have a huge impact on someone’s life. Just imagine the difference a compliment, a smile, or a kind gesture can make. Let your light shine, and be a beacon for those in need.

Jamie Vulakh
Age 16
Mercersburg Academy
Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

Jamie actively engaged with a local elementary school in Mercersburg, assisting teachers and interacting with students during their free blocks. In her initial two years of high school, Jamie virtually taught basic English to a Cambodian class via video calls. After changing schools, Jamie maintained this commitment by editing essays from the same Cambodian students. She provides feedback, along with heartfelt notes, to support the students’ progress.

In the future, Jamie is interested in pursuing cultural anthropology.

Jamie says don’t let fear hold you back from making a difference. Remember, you’re not doing it solely for yourself, but for the lasting impact. The satisfaction you’ll feel afterward will outweigh any initial fear you had.

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