Rustic Spirit Spotlights: Katelynn, Jeyzon and Cadence
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Rustic Spirit Spotlights: Katelynn, Jeyzon and Cadence

Rustic Spirit Spotlights highlight teens who are making a positive impact. These young leaders are taking creative action to solve problems in their communities and inspiring others along the way. Check out the amazing things they’re accomplishing!

Katelynn Winters
Age 16
Sullivan East High School
Bluff City, Tennessee

Katelynn takes every opportunity she can to help her school community and is involved in numerous clubs–she has accumulated over 300 community service hours! Katelynn has volunteered in the library for thirty hours each semester and in the mornings she offers help with Spanish tutoring to share her love of the language with other students. Katelynn is also very involved with the student council and participates in many events like new student orientations and a Veteran’s Day Assembly to celebrate the veterans of the community.

Katelynn plans on attending East Tennessee State University to major in criminal justice and criminology with a minor in Spanish. She hopes to one day work for the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) or FBI so she can spend her life helping as many people as possible. In her free time, Katelynn enjoys swimming, listening to music, reading, learning Spanish, and spending time with loved ones.

As her mom taught her, Katelynn says that just because you fail doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. Your life is not determined by how many people like you, it’s determined by the impact you made on the people in your life. Never be afraid to want to make a change. You can make a difference in the lives of so many others!

Jeyzon Borges Flores
Age 18
Berea High School
Greenville, South Carolina

Jeyzon leads the Berea High Key Club in numerous community service projects, and introduces and discusses ideas with members that can be implemented into the community. Jeyzon participates in some form of community service across the city every week, and also promotes volunteer opportunities in a newsletter he creates.

In college Jeyzon is interested in studying economics, political science, urban development, civil engineering, and law. For fun he enjoys watching lengthy historical or conspiracy videos, podcasts and blogging.

Jeyzon recommends aligning personal interests with specific opportunities to have the most meaningful time impacting your community.

Cadence Price
Age 16
Polk County High School
Benton, Tennessee

Cadence is always there to help when someone needs it. He’s very active in his school’s FFA and does a variety of projects with them, including fundraising that benefit members of his community in need. He has taken on leadership roles by teaching classes and working at the local food bank.

Cadence is interested in pursuing meteorology in the future as he has always wanted to work with the weather.

No matter what people think or what reward comes from helping someone, Cadence encourages us to keep helping.

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