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See what articles and videos resonated with our community in the past year.
Our Giving Tuesday goal is to raise $100,000 for scholarships. Such efforts are partially inspired by one of the best thank you notes we've ever received.
Candace and Frank took in the views at a Costa Rican beach shortly after flying for the first time. And it was there at that wildlife refuge that their adventure began.
In the last five years, Rustic Pathways has given out $750,000 in scholarships and financial aid to students. For the award-winning students, that opportunity to travel changed everything.
Our scholarship winners each had small moments in their lives that inspired something bigger. Here are their stories.
We received hundreds of entries for our #soRustic photo competition. Here are the winners, along with a behind-the-scenes look at what was happening when the photos were taken.
Neha Sarwal traded ideas with teens from around the world, as they worked to tackle local waste management problems. Her project was one of several successful initiatives during the Climate Leaders Fellowship program.
Students across the globe connected virtually to make an impact locally.
Teen world traveler and thrill seeker Tristan Grosam shares her favorite adventure activities & tips!
The Young Climate Leaders Fellowship Program is a follow-up program to this summer’s global summit that included students from 21 countries.
It's important for travelers to promote the three pillars of sustainability, which is easier during an immersive travel experience.
Students with anxiety disorders may hesitate to travel, but there are key reasons why taking trips can help ease mental illness.
It certainly can be challenging for teens to try to figure out what to do with their lives. Some students rely on their high school experiences to make that decision. But when they travel, things often change.   
This summer's Hawaii program included a hike through a lava tube, snorkeling amid the reefs, service in a remote valley, and an unexpected twist.  
Long after the trips with Rustic Pathways end, the friendships remain. Alumni often share stories about how they have traveled together, inspired each other, and reached out in times of need. Here are just a few of these stories.
Today’s teenagers are regularly tuned in to issues about climate change and the environment. Parents can foster that interest and plan family activities around official events that focus on nature. Here is a look at some of these upcoming events and programs that may help, along with some Rustic Pathways’ alumni thoughts about these issues.
Mental health statistics show that the well-being of many teens drastically declined during the pandemic. Parents can help teens find their way back through international programs that are designed to build connections.
If you have never taken a Rustic trip before, this is the advice I wished I knew before I went on my first trip!!
"I looked around and took in every detail. Some were struggling to use a chopstick, food was being switched around so people could try everything, and laughter was everywhere. I thought to myself, how lucky am I to be here, right now, in this moment? I felt such inner content and joy, it was hard to believe that I was ever anxious about being there."