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Rustic Pathways Program Types

Rustic Pathways Program Types

All Rustic Pathways programs include community service projects or adventure activities, but most include a bit of both. Review different types of programs below to identify the perfect spring break or summer travel program or combination of programs for you.

Program Type Description Great for…
Community Service Impactful service programs that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Service buffs who pride themselves in doing impactful work for others.
Adventure Exposure to new cultures and adventure activities around the world. Adrenaline junkies who love to explore, get their hearts racing, and be outdoors.
Service + Adventure  The right mix of service and adventure activities. Explorers looking for a bit of everything.
Service + Culture A combination of service and deep cultural immersion in a local community. Curious students who want to learn about local issues, and participate in meaningful community service.
Base House Introductory travel experiences at Rustic owned and / operated facilities. First-time solo travelers looking for some comforts of home.
Homestay Cultural immersion experiences that pair students with carefully-vetted local host families. Immersives who believe the people they meet when they travel define the experience.
Rustic Only Uniquely-Rustic programs for students who want to get off the beaten path. Experienced travelers looking for a truly unique experience they couldn’t get anywhere else.
Language and Skills Daily lessons and cultural immersion for students of all skill levels. Learners who want a real hands-on learning experience from experts.
Conservation Animal and environmental conservation work with trusted local organizations. Advocates passionate about preserving the environment and / or protecting vulnerable species.
Spring Break March and April programs for adventurous Spring Break travelers. Spring Breakers looking for something more meaningful while still having fun.

Community Service Types

You can also review Rustic Pathways student travel programs by community service type:

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Rustic Pathways offers summer travel programs for middle school, high school, and college students, spring break programs for high school students, and year-round gap year programs for recent high school grads in 17 countries. Start by identifying programs by age group: