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How Programs Connect

How Programs Connect

Rustic Pathways programs are designed to seamlessly connect, allowing you to build your perfect summer experience. Start with a community service program that challenges you, then finish with a week of adventure or exploration. Combine programs in the same country or in the same geographic region. Get the most from your Rustic adventure by meeting more students, community members, and staff. Explore the country or region on a deeper level and really immerse in the travel experience.

Do you have any connecting program recommendations?

We recommend a service-focused program followed by an adventure or learning-focused program. This combination allows you to get the most out of your time on program and provides a great balance of the types of programs we offer. We also recommend choosing programs within the same country for ease of connection, but we can make most program connections work!

To simplify the process, we’ve compiled program recommendations that last for four weeks in the same country or six weeks in the same region. We’ve also included a six-week recommendation that combines our three-week Ultimate Asia and Ultimate Africa programs, which would allow your child to visit nine countries and one semi-autonomous region (Zanzibar!) during two incredible programs.

4-Week Country-Specific Recommendations

Australia Costa Rica Dominican Republic Fiji Tanzania Thailand
Program 1 Surf and Service in Australia Intro to Community Service in Costa Rica Marine Life and Costal Restoration Sun, Sand, and International Service Serengeti to Zanzibar Hill Tribe Service and Elephant Conservation
Program 2 Seven Wonders of Australia Heart of the Jungle Life in the Bateyes Big Fiji Explorer Climbing Kili Island Hopping and Diving

6-Week Regional Recommendations

Americas 1 Americas 2 Asia South Pacific World
Country 1 Peru United States Laos and Thailand Australia Various
Program 1 Andes to Amazon Rebuilding New Orleans Southeast Asian Adventurer Seven Wonders of Australia Ultimate Asia
Country 2 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Vietnam Fiji Various
Program 2 Marine Life and Coastal Restoration Life in the Bateyes Hanoi to Ha Long Highlands and Islands Service Immersion Ultimate Africa
Country 3 Costa Rica Peru Cambodia Fiji
Program 3 Heart of the Jungle La Nina Andina: Women’s Empowerment in Peru Floating Village Service Expedition Marine Service and Adventure

How do I enroll in connecting programs?

When you fill out our online enrollment form, choose the programs you want to connect in the section titled “Choose your Programs.” Select the destination country and program, paying careful attention to program dates (you’ll want them to be consecutive). Simply click “Add” to add the programs to build your itinerary.

If you have questions, one of our Global Program Advisors can answer any question you have. This team of travel experts has worked in various capacities at Rustic from leading programs to running our in-country operations. And they love to talk travel! The easiest way to reach us is by phone at 800.321.4353 or email at rustic@rusticpathways.com.

PRO TIP: We can make most programs connect. However, we typically recommend picking programs in the same country and / or region to minimize travel time and maximize program time.

How do I get from one program to another?

Connecting programs in the same country: Our staff accompany you from one program to the next and arrange accommodations, food, and any necessary transportation. In some countries, you may need to take an additional internal flight. Our operations teams will arrange and communicate all travel logistics prior to your departure.

Connecting programs between multiple countries: Our staff will escort you to the airport, check you in for your flight, and provide all the information about who will be waiting for you in the next country. Once you arrive, a Rustic Pathways staff member will be waiting for you at the airport where you’ll meet up with your next group. Connecting flights between countries are almost always unescorted, however. Rustic staff are stationed on both sides of the flight, tracking any changes and ready to welcome you upon arrival.

Check out how some Rustic students have connected programs in the past:

I left every trip in awe of the amazing people I met and feeling grateful for the opportunities I had. I can confidently say my month spent in Tanzania changed my life for the better. I have grown in my understanding and acceptance of different cultures, I discovered a strength and resilience inside myself, and I developed relationships with wonderful people. Thank you so much Rustic!

Quote by: Sammy Rosenberg | Scarsdale, New York In the Same Country – 1. African Wildlife Conservation 2. Climbing Kili 3. Serengeti to Zanzibar

I learn so much from doing more than one trip. It allows you to deepen your learning and appreciation for the culture you are in and the places you meet. It also led me to becoming a better traveler, one who isn’t afraid to get out of their comfort zone, and also one who challenges themself to interact with everyone around them. I also set goals for myself when I start a new trip. It gives me time to reflect on my previous experiences, and allows me to look to the future and see what I could learn during this new program. I think connecting programs back to back is one of the best ways to travel deeper and learn more about yourself.

Quote by: Cate Brown | Waban, Massachusetts In the Same Region – 1. Come With Nothing: The Mekong Expedition in Laos 2. Access to Education: Hill Tribe Support Project in Thailand

One reason that I chose to do Rustic Pathway programs was to get experiences and learn about other parts of the world. Why not be even more adventurous and check out two completely different countries and experiences in one trip? Each country has its own unique culture and environment. Transferring from one country to the trip was super simple with Rustic Pathways. In my opinion, their programs are best enjoyed while pairing two or more programs, so they make transfers super easy as many students decide to do this.

Quote by: Madison Golledge | San Juan Capistrano, California On Different Sides of the World – 1. Andes to Amazon in Peru 2. Epic Outback in Australia


For more information on building your perfect itinerary, call 800.321.4353 or email rustic@rusticpathways.com. You can also click below to schedule a call with a Global Program Advisor.