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The UN Climate Change Conference starts this weekend. Here's what you should know about COP26.
Get a teen ready for service travel by viewing some local volunteer ideas that'll create a service mindset and help teens make an impact internationally and locally.
Here's some fascinating background on the origins of the word "soccer."
After a nearly three-year break from travel, Rustic service programs are returning to Fiji in 2022.
Our students always make unforgettable memories on our soccer program! Here are the top 5 memorable moments they'll have while playing soccer abroad.
Rustic Pathways has a unique program that combines sports and service, and that's great for athletes who like the most popular sport in the world.
The Young Climate Leaders Fellowship Program is a follow-up program to this summer’s global summit that included students from 21 countries.
An easy DIY natural toothpaste that helps minimize plastic use and is perfect to take with you on your travels.
5 easy sustainable travel tips students can implement into their daily routine during their travel program.
Program leaders are key to an extraordinary Rustic journey. Here is why they are so important.
It's important for travelers to promote the three pillars of sustainability, which is easier during an immersive travel experience.
Students with anxiety disorders may hesitate to travel, but there are key reasons why taking trips can help ease mental illness.
Next year UNESCO will mark 50 years since the organization began naming and recognizing World Heritage sites. Here is a look at the unforgettable locations Rustic students see in the Americas and Africa.
Rustic Pathways students who traveled to Costa Rica in 2021 shared dozens of photos. Here are some of the best ones.
In 2022 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will be celebrating 50 years since it began recognizing World Heritage sites. Here are some of these sites Rustic students visit in Australia and Asia.
Talented students shared stunning and fun photos from their travels to Peru and the Dominican Republic.
International travel is a key to mastering another language. Here are some essential tips from language experts on how students can utilize their program experiences to vastly improve their communication skills.
Students and program leaders took hundreds of pictures to celebrate the return to international student travel in 2021. In part 1, we share the best photos from the United States and Morocco.
Watch our 2021 Summer Highlights video to catch a glimpse of what our students experienced during their travel programs and read about their most memorable moments!