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Students sometimes get a chance to sample snacks like fried creepy crawlies when they are traveling. Here are a few of the unusual foods you may encounter while on the road.
As we get ready for Halloween, here are some places where our students travel that ghosts have been known to lurk.
The Thai Elephant Conservation Project takes students to a 360-acre preserve where they learn about animal behavior and the indigenous people who are the caretakers. The students' time there gives them insight into why elephants are both revered and under threat.
At sea and on the land, students in Thailand are having a blast and making a difference.
The challenge is to head to remote regions of Thailand for three weeks with nothing more than a small backpack.
Climate change and development have taken a major toll on the Mekong River. And that’s bad news for the 60 million people who rely on it.
Students who love outdoor adventures like zip lining, rock climbing, and white water rafting will treasure the chance to travel to Thailand. There they’ll be immersed in a culturally-rich and biodiverse destination.
One of Rustic's oldest programs in southeast Asia is returning in 2022.
Students can have a memorable tasting adventure during their Rustic travels. Here are some of the best programs for food-loving students who want to try something different.
A special program in southeast Asia offers students an academic, hands-on experience in environmental conservation.
Adrenaline junkies can get their fill of adventure during four action-packed programs.
Wildlife conservation preserves animal species for future generations, and aims to maintain earth’s biodiversity. Here are 7 frequently asked questions about wildlife conservation and animal sanctuaries.
Toucans can sound like frogs. That is among the things teen travelers may learn while visiting the world's rainforests, where they may encounter tropical birds, sloths, monkeys, and other fun creatures during their Rustic trips.
Eating abroad means you get to eat all the local food, delicacies, and in-season fruits and vegetables. Take a peek at some of the fruits and vegetables you might see at the market on a Rustic Pathways’ high school summer travel program.
2021 program dates are now live so you can start planning your next adventure. We've highlighted five of our favorite programs to help get you started!
If you have never taken a Rustic trip before, this is the advice I wished I knew before I went on my first trip!!