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Most teens head to Florida or Mexico for Spring Break, but that may not be the best place to go. Farther south, the weather is often ideal in March and April. That gives students plenty of opportunities to soak up the sun, ride some fantastic waves and give back to the local community.
Our country teams try to give a picture of the summer’s success by keeping track of some numbers. Here is a look at their findings.
The program gives Rustic students many things they’re seeking. It allows them to do adventure activities, see different parts Costa Rica, learn Spanish, practice their leadership skills and spend time with the local community.
Candace and Frank took in the views at a Costa Rican beach shortly after flying for the first time. And it was there at that wildlife refuge that their adventure began.
See the best photos from five different programs in Costa Rica and enjoy the smiles!
It was a busy summer in Costa Rica for Rustic Pathways students! Here's a look at just some of the photo highlights from the Pura Vida Service program and the Turtle Conservation Project.
Students have been busy in Costa Rica this summer! Whether it is raining or sunny, there are smiles everywhere as the students help local communities while having fun.
Several smaller countries generally do much better than the United States when it comes to their use of renewable energy.
Here are some key words and phrases that'll help you get by while visiting Spanish-speaking areas in the Americas.
Students traveling to Costa Rica this summer have many things to look forward to. Here are just some of those highlights.
What you need to know about local currencies in several countries in the Americas.
Rustic students traveling to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica are helping local teens and the regional ecosystem.
Rustic Pathways' community partners in Costa Rica are busy preparing service projects for students traveling this summer.
Photos of lodging locations for the summer of 2022 and more
We are featuring program leaders who will guide students on their trips this coming summer.
Bring a piece of Costa Rica home with you by learning this easy recipe for this popular dish, arroz con leche aka rice pudding.
Wildlife conservation preserves animal species for future generations, and aims to maintain earth’s biodiversity. Here are 7 frequently asked questions about wildlife conservation and animal sanctuaries.