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As we get ready for Halloween, here are some places where our students travel that ghosts have been known to lurk.
Dozens of students have been exploring the Dominican Republic this summer and many more are still preparing to come.
Here are some key words and phrases that'll help you get by while visiting Spanish-speaking areas in the Americas.
What you need to know about local currencies in several countries in the Americas.
Large manatees and tiny corals are both under threat in the waters off the Dominican Republic. Many efforts are underway to save them.
We are featuring program leaders who will guide students on their trips this coming summer. Halle will lead programs in the Dominican Republic.
We are featuring program leaders who will guide students on their trips this coming summer.
Try this delicious and flavorful shredded beef stew recipe from the Dominican Republic!
Wildlife conservation preserves animal species for future generations, and aims to maintain earth’s biodiversity. Here are 7 frequently asked questions about wildlife conservation and animal sanctuaries.
Next year UNESCO will mark 50 years since the organization began naming and recognizing World Heritage sites. Here is a look at the unforgettable locations Rustic students see in the Americas and Africa.
Talented students shared stunning and fun photos from their travels to Peru and the Dominican Republic.
Watch our 2021 Summer Highlights video to catch a glimpse of what our students experienced during their travel programs and read about their most memorable moments!
Indigenous groups often lost some of their artwork and cultural identity as conquering forces arrived in their lands. Here is a look at artwork travelers may and may not see while on the road.
Stories about powerful gods and frightening creatures have influenced the cultures of people on islands ranging from the Fiji Islands to The Dominican Republic. For #FolkloreThursday here are just a few of those stories.
The Dominican Republic is known for its welcoming people, wonderful food, and beautiful scenery. Rustic Pathways Country Manager Manuel Del Villar, who was born and raised in the country, shares some highlights that teen travelers visiting the nation shouldn’t miss.