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Bro, we know the generations are a bit different. Here are some ways that they diverge in their travel plans.
Watch our 2022 Summer Highlights video to get a peek at our students' adventures and experiences during their travel programs.
See what's new, what's hot, and what's coming in the next few weeks.
Students participating in the Climate Leaders Fellowship program in the Spring of 2022 designed a plethora of projects to tackle waste management issues.
Traveling through nature is one of the best ways to disconnect. Here is why that's so important for teens.
Across the globe, social aspects ranging from hand gestures to bathroom usage vary. Here are some tips on how to navigate these differences.
With just a phone in hand, student travelers can capture head-turning photos. Here are tips on how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
If you have questions about an upcoming Rustic trip, check out these answers from one of our travel experts.
Moving into adulthood isn’t easy. Many cultures have coming of age ceremonies to welcome teens into their new world.
Teens in New Mexico, Pennsylvania and California have started amazing initiatives and are supporting others in their communities.
Learn how to be a thoughtful traveler during any culturally-immersive student travel program.
Teens around the United States are teaching youth important skills and helping individuals in need.
View what programs are new, what programs have limited spots, and what unique travel options are available.
Teens in Utah, Louisiana and Wyoming are using their time to make a difference in their local communities. Check out their inspiring actions!
Individuals around the world are making a postive impact in their communities. In Rustic Spirit Spotlights, we recognize and celebrate these students. These teen leaders in New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Massachusetts show Rustic Spirit.
Middle schoolers and high schoolers can use summer travel programs to prepare for future opportunities to study abroad.
16-year-old travel photographer and Rustic Alum, Jonah Gross shares his photography tips for capturing unforgettable moments and beautiful places.
Statistics show teens are on their phone many hours every day. Families can help strike a healthier balance between technology use and real-world living by following these steps before, during, and after a trip.