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Rustic Pathways’ homestay partners are evaluated using a thorough vetting process to ensure student accommodations meet our rigorous health, safety, and security standards.
Providing your teen with a culturally-immersive international travel experience is the best investment you can make as a parent. Read about how stepping outside of their comfort zone can benefit your teen.
Start a post-travel conversation these open-ended questions to encourage students to reflect on their experiences.
Cross-curricular projects continue gaining in popularity as schools attempt to remedy the ongoing realization that the traditional segmenting of student learning across disjointed subjects is not an accurate representation of the way students will need to implement their skills in real life.
Throughout our programs, we have group discussions and reflections to hear how students are engaging with their surroundings and the program. Use some of these prompts to start conversations with your students about the experiences they’ll have on your trip.
Prepare your students for their upcoming trip with these open-ended questions to get your students to think broadly and exercise their travel brains.
One of the many benefits of exposing students to the target culture is the learning that continues in the classroom when you return.
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Are you a language teacher considering a travel program with your students to a Spanish-speaking country? While there are multiple factors involved in the decision to travel with your students, one of the greatest benefits is the opportunity to immerse them in a local culture with people who speak the language they’re learning.
The stories my seventh-grade teacher shared with the class were some of the reasons I was inspired to teach. She made me wonder if maybe teaching wasn’t such a bad gig.
It’s a no-brainer why parents send their teens on international travel experiences with trusted classroom teachers. Many parents want their children to experience the world without hovering, but still with someone they trust keeping an eye on them.
It’s that time of year again when your lesson plans feel stale and there are so many #teacherproblems that only other educators can truly understand. This year, why not give your lesson planning a global twist?
Being a teacher is hard. Like, really hard sometimes. Of course you love your students and you believe in what you’re doing, which is…
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It’s almost hard to believe 2017 is over. It was a tough year that, at times, felt like it couldn’t get any worse—and then…