Finding Creative Inspiration Through Travel
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Finding Creative Inspiration Through Travel

Have you ever taken a trip and magically come home feeling completely inspired in ways you never imagined?

As a designer and artist, this happens to me every time I board a plane to a new adventure and get to experience a new Rustic Pathways summer travel program. It’s like Eat, Pray, Love vibes but through an artistic lens.

One of the many reasons that I love to explore new places is that I can’t help but be captivated by the colors and textures that surround me. While I’ve been fortunate to pull inspiration from many cultures into my artwork, the country that continues to inspire my work is Peru.

Taking in the views in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Upon arriving to Cusco, where I was set to be a Program Leader on the Sacred Valley Service summer program, the intricate, traditional Peruvian patterns immediately began to mesmerize me. Each design featured layers of color, texture, and geometric symbols all holding a unique and cultural significance.

From Cusco, my group and I headed into the mountains and off the tourist track where we were lucky enough to visit a local village and experience a true artist collective. Here we had the opportunity to watch the artisans dye and weave fabric. To me, it felt like each piece they were creating was structured like Jazz music—you start with an idea and bring it to life by skilled improvisation.

Fast Forward to a few weeks ago as I sat at my home office brainstorming for our 2019 holiday campaign. I wanted to evoke warm and cozy vibes, but also to incorporate the cultural and artistic elements from global partner communities into the brand story. Then… B-A-M! I was immediately transported back to that small village in Peru– the artists in their element, the rhythmic sound of the loom, and the pattern coming to life. At this moment, I knew inspiration had struck, once again, through my travels.

Here is an example of the source of inspiration and how I translated that onto a printed boarding pass for our holiday Unwrap Rustic campaign.

A handmade sweater from the artisan collective in Peru.

Part of the 2019 Rustic Pathways Holiday Collection inspired by Peruvian traditional designs.

There are many more travel-inspired holiday designs from my adventures in Peru coming soon so stay tuned! Can’t wait? Sign-up for a trip to Peru of your own to immerse yourself in the culture and get inspired by the sites and sounds all around.

About the Author

Scott Ingram

Scott is the Director of Admissions at Rustic Pathways. He has spent the last 15 years in the student travel and experiential education world. Before helping families find the perfect Rustic Pathways program, he led gap year programs that took students around the world and spent three years teaching English in Japan.