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No Wi-Fi, no Western amenities, but plenty of culture - What students experience when they travel to remote Mongolian regions where few Westerners have tread.
High school students in Indiana and New York are bettering their schools and communities. In Rustic Spirit Spotlights we recognize their amazing work!
Our country teams try to give a picture of the summer’s success by keeping track of some numbers. Here is a look at their findings.
The program gives Rustic students many things they’re seeking. It allows them to do adventure activities, see different parts Costa Rica, learn Spanish, practice their leadership skills and spend time with the local community.
Rustic Spirit Spotlights highlight young leaders who are making a positive impact. These teens in New York, Utah and South Dakota are doing awesome work in their communities.
Bro, we know the generations are a bit different. Here are some ways that they diverge in their travel plans.
Students re-connect with nature and themselves when they head to Hawaii for spring break.
Two teens from Alabama and one teen from California are featured in this week's Rustic Spirit Spotlights. These individuals are community-oriented and positive impact-minded. We are here to recognize their work!
We've added a few new programs in the United States. Check it out!
As we get ready for Halloween, here are some places where our students travel that ghosts have been known to lurk.
The floating villages of Cambodia are unlike most places on earth. During the rainy season, there is no ground to stand on, which presents some challenges.
But many Rustic Pathways students over the years have come to appreciate their unique way of life
Teens have the power to change the world, and they are! Young people are doing amazing work in their communities. We are recognizing and celebrating these individuals in our Rustic Spirit Spotlights. 
A new Spring Break program has been added for students who want an adventure before summer!
The Thai Elephant Conservation Project takes students to a 360-acre preserve where they learn about animal behavior and the indigenous people who are the caretakers. The students' time there gives them insight into why elephants are both revered and under threat.
Rustic Spirit Spotlights are a collection of stories that shine a light on teen changemakers. They demonstrate leadership while working hard to make a positive impact.
Four programs are returning for students who really like to get off the map and explore remote corners of the globe.
Watch our 2022 Summer Highlights video to get a peek at our students' adventures and experiences during their travel programs.
Candace and Frank took in the views at a Costa Rican beach shortly after flying for the first time. And it was there at that wildlife refuge that their adventure began.
See what's new, what's hot, and what's coming in the next few weeks.
Three new options this week - including the addition of a brand new program in South Korea!