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Middle schoolers and high schoolers can use summer travel programs to prepare for future opportunities to study abroad.
A new European program takes students across a country that is a haven for travelers, immersing them in a world with crystal clear waters, limestone cliffs and culturally-rich cities.
We've launched a brand new program and have added two new sessions. We're also sharing capacity updates after registrations surged over the weekend.
Changemakers from Hawaii, Tennessee and Virginia are addressing food insecurity and homelessness in their communities.
See what nations were ranked best for adventure, heritage and more.
Time is running out. See what programs are filling fast, along with four new session additions.
Photos of lodging locations for the summer of 2022 and more
We are featuring program leaders who will guide students on their trips this coming summer.
Teens from Florida, California and New Mexico are brightening their communities and positively impacting those around them.
Last chance sessions for some of our most popular programs
These three teens are dedicated to impacting their communities and beyond. They advocate for human rights, quality healthcare and ensure the growth of future generations.
Biologist David Jackson will lead students on a once-in-a-lifetime program.
Exciting revamped itineraries and so many new sessions!
There are many service travel options for students who want to give back and are interested in careers ranging from teaching to medicine.
Adding travel experiences can help students overcome a pandemic slump. 
Take a look at these amazing students who are making postive changes in their communities. In Rustic Spirit Spotlights, we recognize and celebrate these young changemakers.
New sessions in Thailand and Costa Rica