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New sessions in Thailand and Costa Rica
Try this delicious and flavorful shredded beef stew recipe from the Dominican Republic!
Rustic students step into history in an eye-opening journey to Ghana.
The Climate Leaders Fellowship has wrapped up after two months of impact work. The environmental program led students in researching the effects of climate change in their own communities and finding ways to combat the problem locally. Learn more about their efforts and how these young changemakers made incredible impacts!
New sessions for programs that are filling very quickly!
Rustic Spirit Spotlights are a collection of stories that shine a light on these amazing changemakers who have led young and are working hard to make a positive impact. Learn more about these featured teens from around the world!
Like many other things, the pandemic altered how people gave back through service.
Students across the globe connected virtually to make an impact locally.
Two new sessions + another free fellowship program
Teen world traveler and thrill seeker Tristan Grosam shares her favorite adventure activities & tips!
For nearly two weeks Rustic students are immersed in breathtaking nature during this program.
We have another Rustic Spirit Spotlights featuring high school clubs! Read more about their projects and how these teens are creating postive change in their communities.
More sessions in the Americas have been added!
Bring a piece of Costa Rica home with you by learning this easy recipe for this popular dish, arroz con leche aka rice pudding.
The Chinese zodiac may be the tool you need to pick your next travel destination.