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Students traveling to Vietnam see UNESCO World Heritage sites, learn about the country’s history and provide much-needed service to the Hill Tribes.
Teens around the United States are teaching youth important skills and helping individuals in need.
View what programs are new, what programs have limited spots, and what unique travel options are available.
Rustic students traveling to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica are helping local teens and the regional ecosystem.
Students visiting Nepal see stunning scenery as they trek across the nation and learn about remote village life and local religious traditions.
This week we have added new programs in South Korea and Nepal.
Teens in Utah, Louisiana and Wyoming are using their time to make a difference in their local communities. Check out their inspiring actions!
View seven steps our staff takes to keep teens safe while traveling.
Individuals around the world are making a postive impact in their communities. In Rustic Spirit Spotlights, we recognize and celebrate these students. These teen leaders in New Hampshire, Oklahoma and Massachusetts show Rustic Spirit.
Students who love outdoor adventures like zip lining, rock climbing, and white water rafting will treasure the chance to travel to Thailand. There they’ll be immersed in a culturally-rich and biodiverse destination.
New sessions and several program upgrades this week!
Rustic Pathways' community partners in Costa Rica are busy preparing service projects for students traveling this summer.
Teens in Nebraska and Massachusetts are taking creative action to solve problems in their communities and inspiring others along the way.
Students get hands-on lessons in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in this one-of-a-kind program in the Land Down Under.
Three new sessions have been added this week for students who love science and service.
We are featuring program leaders who will guide students on their trips this coming summer. Halle will lead programs in the Dominican Republic.
Chaperoned flights give parents and students peace of mind and give travelers a chance to meet their group earlier.
Teens in Georgia, California and Utah are working to help others and positively impacting in their communities.
We've added five new sessions for some of our most popular programs as the countdown to summer continues.