Community Service Success | Rebuilding Cambodia School
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Community Service Success | Rebuilding Cambodia School

We did it. You did it.

5 days | $60,000 | 500 Donors

The primary school in Prek Toal, Cambodia is sinking. The school was built in 1996, but it has been sinking for the last five years. Every day, teachers and students must pump water out of the school just to keep it afloat. During the rainy season, conditions get so bad that two of the four classrooms are closed, requiring 200+ students to cram into the remaining rooms.

Rustic Pathways’ team in Cambodia brought the project to the Rustic Pathways Foundation five years ago, and it has been one of our most ambitious projects to date, with a total cost of $120,000. After three years of fundraising to rebuild a new school for the community, we knew the project needed a final push. That’s when the idea for Giving Week came to fruition. The goal: raise $60,000 in one week to complete the project. We partnered with the Genesee Mountain Foundation, which generously matched the campaign up to $30,000.

In five days we’ve raised over $62,000, with nearly 500 donations from the global Rustic community! To say we’re excited is an understatement.

This morning, Team Cambodia got the green light and and more than one person cried with excitement. As one team member said: “I’ve never been more proud to work for such an incredible organization. I know the community of Prek Toal has literally been dreaming of this school for years and to be able to make this a reality will be truly the best holiday gifts ever!”

With the blueprints already done, the next steps are to hire the local contractor and builders, purchase supplies and materials, and begin construction as soon as possible.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, spread the word, cheered us on and helped make this week a resounding success.

Click here to learn more about the Rustic Pathways Foundation, and the projects we support year round.

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