A letter to the Graduates
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A letter to the Graduates

Dear Graduates,

You’ve worked hard. Stayed up all night to finish projects and papers. Studied for countless hours. Overcame fears to do oral presentations. Woken up early for morning workouts and stayed after school for team practices. Traveled hours on busses for debate meets, athletic events, math competitions, choir concerts, and so much more.

You’ve spent your summers continuing to learn, working a summer job, interning, training your body, fine-tuning your passion, volunteering, helping family, and hopefully having some fun. If you have traveled with Rustic, then you have spent part of your summers adapting and becoming global citizens. You have given your free time to acts of service, learning empathy, and displaying compassion. And now, in the weeks you are supposed to be celebrating, you are fighting.

Over the last few weeks we have watched the youth of America fight for what is right. We have seen you put your bodies in front of strangers to protect each other. We have seen you lay down on bridges for hours so America and the world can know racial and social injustices will no longer be tolerated. We have seen you hold hands with each other and march all day because without justice and equality how can we sit still? How can we be silent? We have seen you rise in such unity and love.

Do not stop, do not ever stop fighting. Do not ever stop rising in this love.

We are beyond proud of all of you. For all these years you have dedicated to your education and passions. For these few short months where you have managed to adjust to huge changes and let go of so much due to a global pandemic. But mostly, for being amazing humans brave enough to challenge the system designed to bury the oppressed.

No matter your next step, we are not worried for you. We are ready for you. We need you. You may not get to walk across the stage you dreamed about, but let the world continue to be your stage. It is so glad you’re here.

A million congrats and endless gratitude,
The Rustic Team

Below are some upcoming celebrations for your graduate.

Virtual Graduations

“Dear Class of 2020” hosted by YouTube. Join the Obama’s, Malala Yousafzai, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and more on June 7th. Live stream can be found on YouTube Originals and the Learn@home site.

“Graduation 2020: For Chicago. By Chicago” June 14th at 1 p.m. Commencement address to be given by Oprah Winfrey. While this is a city specific celebration, we encourage you to research what your city might be doing for grads.

Here’s what Houston has planned on Sunday June 14th for its graduates.

Most universities also have events scheduled for their graduates. UCLA will be bringing in George Takei to give the address at their June 12th virtual celebration. Be sure to check out what special events your graduate’s school is hosting.

If you are looking for ways you can celebrate your grad or hold your own fun celebration, Microsoft has put together an educational tool to help you plan. Check it out here!

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