Why Take a Gap Year

Why Take a Gap Year

Gap years are formative experiences that encourage personal growth while helping students determine how they want to spend the next four years and beyond. Top colleges including all eight Ivy League universities support it. Harvard even encourages incoming freshmen to defer for a year before beginning their college studies.

Here are a few important stats about gap year students:

  • 98% of gap year students indicated that their gap year experience helped them grow as a person.
  • 97% of gap year students indicated their experience helped them gain maturity and 96% answered that their experience on a gap year gave them more self-confidence.
  • 75% of gap year alumni in the survey believed their gap year improved their preparation for college, impacted their career field, or helped them get a job.

*All Data from the American Gap Association 2015 National Gap Year Alumni Survey.

Here are five reasons why you should take a gap year:

  1. You’ll perform better in college or university.
  2. A gap year will help you discover your interests and passions, and identify a future career path.
  3. It will also provide you with unparalleled experiences for personal growth.
  4. A gap year can help you can hone essential interpersonal skills, including confidence, independence, compassion, self-awareness, communication, and more.
  5. Top colleges and universities support it.

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