Why Take a Gap Year

Why Take a Gap Year

Gap years are formative experiences that encourage personal growth while helping students determine how they want to spend the next four years and beyond.

Choose between a traditional Rustic Pathways Gap Year experience, which includes different levels of adventure or community service, or a Verto Education experience where you’ll earn college credit during an immersive gap year before continuing your education on campus.

5 Reasons To Take a Traditional Rustic Pathways Gap Semester or Verto Education Freshman Year

  1. You’ll perform better after arriving on campus.
  2. A gap year will help you discover your interests and passions, and identify a future career path.
  3. It will also provide you with unparalleled experiences for personal growth.
  4. A gap year can help you can hone essential interpersonal skills, including confidence, independence, compassion, self-awareness, communication, and more.
  5. Top colleges and universities support gap years and even encourage incoming freshmen to defer for a year before beginning their college studies.

Why You Should Consider a Verto Education College Freshman Year

Start Your Freshman Year of College with an Accredited Year Abroad

Choose from half or full year accredited academic programs that will take you to Latin America, the South Pacific, or Southeast Asia. Rustic Pathways has partnered with Verto to design programs that give students the opportunity to experience new cultures while graduating in four years. Verto semester costs are comparable to most universities and were designed to prepare and smoothly transition students through to the rest of their college educations.

Earn up to 16 credit hours from one of Verto’s Partner Colleges

Students accepted to Verto are automatically accepted to at least one of Verto’s partner colleges after applying through a single common application. They can choose to enroll at that school the following semester or year, depending on their preference. While abroad, students will complete coursework designed and taught by college professors.

Immerse in local communities and explore some of the world’s most pressing issues

Verto programs allow students to delve into issues related to public health, sustainability, the environment, conservation, global development, international business, and ethics where they’re occuring. Learn how these issues are being addressed by local organizations and participate in meaningful service alongside members of the community.

Participate in a Well-Rounded International Program Focused on Personal Growth

Programs are designed to foster self-discovery through journaling, mindfulness training, mentorship, service learning programs, and homestay experiences. Weekly structured reflection is intended to give students a sense of who they are and what they want they want from college.

Why You Should Consider a Rustic Pathways Gap Year

Supplement Traditional Classroom Learning with Experiential Education

You’ve been through the intense pressure to get into college. That’s important, but so is taking time to explore and learn outside of the classroom before making life-defining decisions. A gap year provides a welcome relief from the years of hard work it takes to get to graduation day. It also gives you life skills and experiences that will make you a stronger student in college and help you prepare to launch a satisfying career.

Arrive on Campus More Prepared for College

More universities are actively encouraging students to take structured gap years and many even subsidize gap year programs. That’s because independent studies of gap year alumni have shown that they return from their experiences more mature, confident, and with a better understanding of what they want to study and which career paths they plan to pursue.

Develop New Skills That Will Position You for Success

Educational institutions and employers value empathy, curiosity, resilience, maturity, and global understanding in their students and employees. These qualities correlate far more closely with future success and happiness than high grades alone. Gap year programs provide unmatched opportunities for building these strengths through real-world experiences.

Discover Your Passions While Experiencing the World

Interested in medicine? Explore developing countries and learn how preventable diseases still cause so much harm. Considering a career in law? Observe the rights of citizens in various countries across the world. Not sure of your career path? Immerse yourself in the global community and open yourself to options you may never have considered—or even known about—before.

Gap Year Stats

  • 98% of gap year students indicated that their gap year experience helped them grow as a person.
  • 97% of gap year students indicated their experience helped them gain maturity and 96% answered that their experience on a gap year gave them more self-confidence.
  • 75% of gap year alumni in the survey believed their gap year improved their preparation for college, impacted their career field, or helped them get a job.

*All Data from the American Gap Association 2015 National Gap Year Alumni Survey.

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