Why All Teens Should Participate in a Student Travel Program Before They Graduate High School
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Why All Teens Should Participate in a Student Travel Program Before They Graduate High School

Why is travel so important for your child's overall growth and success?

Providing teens with a culturally-immersive international travel experience is the best investment you can make as a parent. By stepping outside of their comfort zone, teens will:

1. Identify Interests and Passions
When students have a better understanding of what interests them, and how they can apply those interests in a real-world context, they’re able to make better choices about what they want to study in college and pursue professionally.

2. Gain Global Perspective
Exploring a new culture helps students better understand their place in the world and how their decisions impact others. It’s essential that all future leaders develop a global perspective that will enable them to find creative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

3. Practice Cultural Sensitivity
During their Rustic experiences, students will meet and have conversations with locals, try new foods, and learn about cultural practices. Partnering with local community members on service projects also provides students an invaluable opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds, experiences in a harmonious and productive way.

4. Create Real Positive Impact
As our world becomes increasingly connected, traveling responsibly is essential to being a global citizen. Understanding how to work with local communities to develop and implement initiatives that improve lives is an important part of Rustic programs that we believe gives students the ability to continue their impact after returning home.

5. Hone Important Non-Cognitive Skills
Non-cognitive skills like independence, empathy, and self-awareness are essential to future academic, professional, and interpersonal success. Structured travel experiences allow students to exercise these capabilities in supportive and safe environments, resulting in immense personal growth they can apply in the classroom and their personal lives after returning home.

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