Make the World Your Classroom!

Make the World Your Classroom!

Welcome to Rustic Pathways Group Travel

Educators and Adventurers,

This year’s showcase of programs is a testament to the teamwork and partnership of our staff on the ground, listening to schools and discovering new ways to collaborate across cultures and resources.

Use these program offerings as starting points for your own adventures in modern learning.

As with your schools, we’re constantly evolving. We’re making the move to align our programs with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, allowing our students to translate their outputs effectively and really dig into how our programming contributes to global development. We’re doubling down on our commitment to empower communities to share their own stories by fostering deeper connections between schools and their partner communities each year.

We’re also finding new ways to make travel accessible and to use these field experiences as catalysts for classroom learning. We continue to partner creatively with schools to help teachers support their educational visions and keep up with the changing world. We’re adapting to the ways young people approach learning, as a muscle to build rather than a mountain to summit.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure!

It was quite a powerful experience for our students to work alongside students within the community that were their age. Rustic helped our students step outside of their comfort zone and take a humble approach to service and culture. As an IB World School, taking action is a quality we try to instill within our students every day. To have them do this on a global scale was monumental. We look forward to planning our next trip!

Quote by: Tim Reilly, Head of School | International School of Texas in Austin Peru (2017), China (2018), and Tanzania (2019)