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Student Travel Programs in Asia

Student Travel Programs in Asia travel to Japan and Korea in 2024. From kimchi and k-pop to sundae and sushi to Hongdae and Roppongi, our students, travelers and aspiring linguists will have many cultural and culinary options. Our programs in Japan and Korea line up so you can do both student travel programs in Asia this summer.

Student Travel Programs in the Americas

Student travel programs in the Americas visit Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

In Costa Rica, get to know the Tico people, work on ecoservice, save turtles at conservation projects, volunteer in the community and find out why Costa Rica is a surfer’s paradise. On other student travel programs in the Americas, you can spend your time helping communities in the Dominican Republic, assisting local volunteers with mangrove restoration, and preserving the beach.

In Peru on student travel programs in the Americas land in the heart of the Sacred Valley, play soccer with friends, learn traditional dances from local children, and practice your Spanish as you immerse yourself in Andean life with members of the community.

Student Travel Programs in Europe

Student travel programs in Europe in 2024 center around Italy and Greece. These countries are known for their food, art, history and culture, so expect not only pasta, pizza, souvlaki, stifado, museums and mezze but also the deep cultural immersion, local partnerships and animal service experience that Rustic Pathways is known for.

With so many student travel programs in Europe to choose from, it can be quite difficult to decide what to choose. At core, it is up to each student to know their goals (make more friends, engage in meaningful service, have fun, connect with local people, etc.) and the budget that they are willing to allocate towards various student travel programs in Europe.

Student Travel Programs in the South Pacific

Join us on student travel programs in the South Pacific to discover magnificent beaches, countryside, and rainforest. The South Pacific welcomes young explorers and seasoned travelers alike.

Enjoy meaningful community service projects at a wildlife rehabilitation center and local elementary school where you’ll interact with Aussie students. Enjoy the laidback pace of Fiji where the relaxing island life and lounging in the sun will help you share laughs with your fellow Rustic Pathways travelers. Our student travel programs in the South Pacific have something for everyone.

Student Programs in Thailand

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles, and it will welcome and captivate you. The Thai people are friendly and enjoy sharing their Buddhist culture, spicy food, and love of laughter. Our student programs in Thailand are perfect for you no matter if you are looking to care for elephants, spike your adrenaline with adventure travel, sightsee, connect with elders in rural villages, or do it all.

Thailand is the hub of Rustic’s Southeast Asia operations with programs on offer since 1999. Rustic Pathways offers student programs in Thailand that center on community service, animal conservation, outdoor adventure and immersive culture.

Student Programs in the United States

Our student programs in the United States highlight the capital, Washington, D.C.; one of the country’s most incredible natural wonders, The Grand Canyon; the home of Jazz, New Orleans; home to the last frontier, Alaska; and home to volcanic beaches, Hawaii.

If you’re not from the U.S. you can join our student programs in the United States, and we hope you gain perspective on the country. If you are an American on our student programs in the United States, we hope you can see your home with new eyes.

How to Choose A Summer Travel Program For High School Students

The task of selecting a Rustic Pathways student travel program is not an easy one but, fear not! The secret to choosing a program is understanding what you’re looking for and finding the programs that best fit your interests.


Where do I want to travel?

Is there a specific country or region that calls your name? Do you want to travel to a Spanish-speaking country? Would you rather be at the beach, in the rainforest, or on the mountains?

Think about whether or not you want to travel far away from home or go somewhere closer for this summer. Then, search through the country section to see what programs are offered in the region of your interest.

What do I want to experience?

What do you want to see, learn, or do on your trip abroad? Do you want to complete a service project, make new friends, learn a new skill, or go on a wild adventure?

Most of our programs offer a variety of learning activities, but some programs are more specific than others, and may be a better fit for you. Find the trips, tours and programs that best fit your personality.

What interests me?

What kind of service will I enjoy? Consider whether you want to work with other people, with animals, or with nature. Would you rather run a summer camp for youth, help build a home for a deserving local, or get your hands dirty on a reforestation project?

Our courses and programs are centered around specific types of service projects, so spend some time to think about what you would enjoy working on and where your skill sets lie!

Letter from our Director of Admissions

Dear Prospective Rustic Pathways Parent,

The first thing you should know about Rustic Pathways is that we are not a teen tour company. We do not believe in seeing sights through a bus window.

When we travel on our own, with friends, or with family, we toss aside our guidebooks. We ditch the tourist track and find experiences that immerse us in local life. We don’t see the world, we experience it. And that’s what happens when you travel with us.

Rustic Pathways pushes boundaries. We engage and connect deeply with new people and cultures across the world. We break the norms of student travel. We create experiences that give our students a greater understanding of the world. We seek to build a more unified global community.

On our programs, students engage with the people and places they visit. They form genuine relationships with host families, community members. They make deep friendships with our program leaders and their fellow student travelers.

They return home with more than photos and souvenirs. Our students will be the first to tell you that the people they met made their traveling experience memorable.

When you join Rustic Pathways, we welcome you into our global family Our team is full of genuine people, all working to ensure you and your family thrive.

Our program managers will meet with you in your living room to help you choose a program. Our personal travel advisors will guide you through the preparation process. We can even help decide if you need to pack that extra shirt.

Our country directors notify you when your child arrives. We will send mid-trip updates on how your group is doing.

Our program leaders come from cities, towns, and villages across the globe. We train them to create a diverse perspective and a safe space for our students to explore, engage, and grow. Every step of the Rustic Pathways experience has someone who cares about our mission.

One of my greatest sources of pride is that no two Rustic Pathways programs are the same. Each has its own unique character, charm and story. They are an earnest reflection of the locale and the people who bring it to life.

Our newest programs added this year are in Japan and Greece. These programs are stories and moments crafted by the locale and the team who designed it. Which program will be your story?

We are not a travel for teens tour company because our goal is bigger than that. Our vision for education stretches far beyond checking destinations off a list.

We know that travel can transform students and transform the world for the better. Welcome to Rustic Pathways. We can’t wait for your journey with us to begin.

Yours in travel,

Scott Ingram
Director, Admissions

Impactful Community Engagement

Rustic Pathways partners with local communities for meaningful service projects, giving travelers a way to contribute positively to the places they visit. Your efforts directly benefit local communities, ensuring that travel has a positive impact through the Rustic Pathways Foundation.

Most of our team is based outside the United States. While the cultural traditions vary from country to country, our shared values extend across borders.

Our Country teams include international and local staff who work together to ensure our students have fun, empowering, and safe experiences.

Program Leaders

Our Program Leaders are with your child 24/7. Their job is to be your kid’s favorite teacher: to make sure your child is safe, engaged and having fun.

Our Program Leaders have backgrounds in teaching, experiential education, service learning, wilderness training, international development, and other outdoor and educational fields. Each year, we hold in-country training sessions for both new and returning program leaders to ensure we maintain our standards in safety, student learning, community service, and the overall Rustic Pathways student experience.

Program Leaders are incredible role models for students and, most importantly, they are all dedicated to creating the best possible programs for students.

Small Group Sizes To Make New Friends

Our average group size is 15 people. Some programs are smaller and some are larger, depending on the program specifics and location.

All our of groups are smaller than your high school class, which means intimacy, relationships with your fellow travelers and our program leaders. This help foster personal connections and allows for a more immersive in country experience. Call Rustic Pathways for specifics on your program.

Comprehensive Travel Support and Safety

Rustic Pathways offers detailed travel preparation resources, safety guidelines, and a flexible travel guarantee for peace of mind for our students and parents.

Our local Program Leaders add safety and insight on the ground. We provide air support by partnering with Insurance company and assurance company.

Excellence In Travel Since 1983

Rustic Pathways is the leader in small group adventure travel, with over 40 years of experience. We redefine how travelers see the world and themselves. Rustic Pathways is globally recognized for its high-quality programs and commitment to youth travel.

Recognition and Awards for Quality:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine | Best Company Cultures in America (1x)
  • GoOverseas | Best Volunteer Abroad Providers (1x)
  • GoOverseas | Community Choice Award (2x)
  • GoAbroad Foundation | Innovation in Philanthropy Award (1x)
  • Outside Magazine | Best Companies to Work (3x)
  • World Youth and Student Travel Conference | Best Youth Tour Operator (4x)