Chaperoned Flights for Rustic Pathways Programs

Chaperoned Flights for Rustic Pathways Programs

Each travel season, we reserve seats for our students with our airline partners out of gateway airports.
What are the benefits of Rustic’s chaperoned international group flights?

End-to-End Flight Supervision

For you: It’s safer. Someone from Rustic Pathways will be with your teen from the time they arrive at one of our hub airports, on their flight, in-country, and on the return flight home. A Rustic Airport Coordinator will help your teen get checked in and introduce them to their group. Then a Flight Leader walks students through security, gets them to the gate, flies with the group, and helps them navigate immigration when they land. Program Leaders stay with students for the duration of programs before returning them to Flight Leaders for the trip home.

For your teen: They’ll travel more comfortably not having to worry about every little detail. Sure, they should learn how to navigate an airport; that’s part of the experience. But someone will be with them every step of the way if they have a question or need help with anything. Airport day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!

No-Hassle Booking

For you: In the 35+ years we’ve been in business, Rustic has created close relationships with the airlines to ensure that our students can travel safely as groups on our chaperoned flights. This experience also allows us to figure out the best flight times and connections so you don’t have to worry about it.

For your teen: Sometimes, things don’t go as planned during travel. And that’s one of the best things about these experiences, how they challenge teens to problem-solve and adapt. Flights can get delayed or canceled. It happens, but not often. If it does, we quickly manage those changes and / or rebook your teen while keeping you up to date the entire time.

Memories, Bonding, and Friendships

For you: The Rustic Experience doesn’t start when your teen lands in their destination country. It doesn’t even start when they step onto the plane. It starts at the hub airport. That’s where they meet other Rustic students, some on their program, others flying to different countries. They’ll bond over card games and stories about home. They’ll become friends and start making memories that will last a lifetime.

For your teen: Your teen will meet other students from around the country when they get to the hub airport. The friends they make could go on to host joint fundraisers on opposite sides of the country for a cause that they got involved with together during their program or even become college roommates. There’s just something about traveling that creates unbreakable bonds and lasting friendships.

Any applicable airfare and taxes are estimates and may fluctuate as we finalize airline contracts. Should any of these costs change, we will notify you immediately.

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