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Rustic Pathways Student Travel Programs in the South Pacific

Rustic Pathways Student Travel Programs in the South Pacific

Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand

We’ve operated for years and even decades in many of the countries where we offer student travel programs. And in each of those countries, our dedicated full-time staff ensure students have safe and enriching experiences with Rustic Pathways.

Rustic Pathways map of programs in the South Pacific

Featured Programs in Australia
Hands-on with unique wildlife
Age 14-18
$5,845 plus Airfare
Explore landscapes Down Under
Age 13-18
$8,995 plus Airfare
Featured Programs in Fiji
Fun intro to impactful tropic travel
Age 13-17
$2,495 plus Airfare
Waves, waterfalls & island wanderings...
Age 14-18
$5,695 plus Airfare
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Click on the country map below to learn more about our operations and teams in Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand.

Need help choosing a program?

If you would like to discuss program options with an expert, click below to schedule a call with a Rustic Pathways Global Program Advisor. This team of travel experts has worked in a variety of capacities with Rustic, from running programs to leading our in-country operations. They love working with families to identify the right student travel program.