I'm grateful for the amazing opportunity I was given to have such an unimaginable learning experience in Cambodia. I learned that global competence is essential in this world. Traveling teaches you more than any classroom could.

Quote by: Sage Spalter – Berkeley, CA The Cambodia Children’s Project, 2016; Come with Nothing: The Mekong Expedition, 2017

I felt that I was being pushed to my limits in an environment designed for personal growth, and I felt very safe throughout the program.

Quote by: Zachary Brown – Shaker Heights, OH Floating Villages Service, 2017; Sacred Valley Service, 2016

Everything about my trip was amazing: the people, the locals, the places, everything.

Quote by: Anne Beckerman – Short Hills, NJ Pacific Adrenaline 2016

My trip to Myanmar was truly outstanding. Not only did I learn more about our global community by immersing myself in this different culture, but I also developed lifelong relationships with students and Rustic staff from across the globe.

Quote by: Morgan Zee – Hong Kong Heart of Myanmar, 2016; Service in the Clouds, 2017

All three of my Rustic experiences played a direct role in shaping my path. I loved every second of those experiences and came out of them with a profound and deeper understanding of the world and its issues surrounding it.

Quote by: Valentina Baccianella – California Sticky Rice Service Adventure, 2014; From the Ground Up: A Seminar in International Development, 2015; Elephants and Amazing Thailand, 2016

My Rustic experience played such a pivotal role in my teenage years, it truly shaped me as a person.

Quote by: Holly Lippman - New York Surf and Service, 2014; Highlands and Island Service Immersion 2015-2016

Rustic has impacted my life in a big way...From all three of my programs, I learned that there are always going to be challenges and obstacles to reaching a goal when collaborating with others. But I have learned valuable skills from this that have helped me excel in both high school and college.

Quote by: Rachel S. Summer Camp Leadership in Costa Rica, 2015; Beyond Capitol Hill, 2016; Rebuilding New Orleans, 2017