I’m very glad I went, not only by myself, but to a place that’s far away. I’ve experienced a new level of independence… In Asia where the people are different, the culture is different, and the food is different, you’re just forced to try new things. It really gave me a better perspective of the world outside my little bubble.

Quote by: Piper Salmon – New Jersey Southeast Asian Adventurer 2022

The trips I have taken with Rustic helped me grow as a person is an understatement. Getting outside of my normal environment and traveling has made me learn where I can thrive and succeed.

Quote by: Ella Richter – New Jersey Aloha Service in Hawaii, 2019; Heart of the Jungle in Costa Rica, 2021

During my short trip to Costa Rica, I learned many skills that I know I will continue to use throughout the rest of my life. I gained self-confidence from trying new and unfamiliar activities and learned how to forge relationships with new people.

Quote by: Caroline Bae – Massachusetts Surf and Service in Costa Rica 2021

This trip truly was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had the chance to be a part of and I couldn’t have asked for a better nine days in Costa Rica. I was immersed in the amazing culture, ate a lot of delicious food, met some of the best people that I later got closer to over the span of the trip, and felt the major reward of giving back to the community.

Quote by: Kanika Patel – Florida Pura Vida Service in Costa Rica 2021

This trip truly pushed me out of my comfort zone, helped me meet new people, and helped me decide what I want to do in college and for the rest of my life. It reminded me how important it is to disconnect and helped me remember to look around at everything that is happening around me, because you never know what you might miss.

Quote by: Sophia Kishimoto – Southern California Peru 2021

My experiences as a Rustic student shaped my worldview and helped me to develop open mindedness, a sense of adventure, and a deep, deep passion for learning more about all of the world’s cultures. My experiences as a teen directly contributed to the amazing career that I have today, and I am forever grateful to Rustic for helping me start this incredible journey!

Quote by: Hope Melton – Oklahoma Good Works and the Grand Canyon, 2015; BriBri Village Service Experience, 2016; Mountain Air and Village Service, 2017

I'm grateful for the amazing opportunity I was given to have such an unimaginable learning experience in Cambodia. I learned that global competence is essential in this world. Traveling teaches you more than any classroom could.

Quote by: Sage Spalter – Berkeley, CA The Cambodia Children’s Project, 2016; Come with Nothing: The Mekong Expedition, 2017

I felt that I was being pushed to my limits in an environment designed for personal growth, and I felt very safe throughout the program.

Quote by: Zachary Brown – Shaker Heights, OH Floating Villages Service, 2017; Sacred Valley Service, 2016

Everything about my trip was amazing: the people, the locals, the places, everything.

Quote by: Anne Beckerman – Short Hills, NJ Pacific Adrenaline 2016

My trip to Myanmar was truly outstanding. Not only did I learn more about our global community by immersing myself in this different culture, but I also developed lifelong relationships with students and Rustic staff from across the globe.

Quote by: Morgan Zee – Hong Kong Heart of Myanmar, 2016; Service in the Clouds, 2017

All three of my Rustic experiences played a direct role in shaping my path. I loved every second of those experiences and came out of them with a profound and deeper understanding of the world and its issues surrounding it.

Quote by: Valentina Baccianella – California Sticky Rice Service Adventure, 2014; From the Ground Up: A Seminar in International Development, 2015; Elephants and Amazing Thailand, 2016

My Rustic experience played such a pivotal role in my teenage years, it truly shaped me as a person.

Quote by: Holly Lippman - New York Surf and Service, 2014; Highlands and Island Service Immersion 2015-2016

Rustic has impacted my life in a big way...From all three of my programs, I learned that there are always going to be challenges and obstacles to reaching a goal when collaborating with others. But I have learned valuable skills from this that have helped me excel in both high school and college.

Quote by: Rachel S. Summer Camp Leadership in Costa Rica, 2015; Beyond Capitol Hill, 2016; Rebuilding New Orleans, 2017