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Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Rustic Pathways is seeking International
Virtual Community Service Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Rustic Pathways! Together, we are helping hundreds of communities around the world.

During these critical times, we are moving all of our community service projects to virtual volunteer initiatives. We maintain long standing relationships with a broad range of local partners, including community leaders, government agencies, nonprofits, local educators, and more. We fund initiatives addressing issues that communities collectively deem to be the most pressing, and then leverage the support of the global Rustic Pathways community for development and implementation.

Rustic Pathways Foundation Volunteer Opportunities

The Rustic Pathways Foundation is the philanthropic branch of Rustic Pathways. It is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves to amplify the impact of Rustic Pathways’ community development work around the world.  Earn volunteer hours via:

  • Research
  • Outreach
  • Website development
  • SEO work
  • Digital creative services

Support Rustic Pathways' Local Community Partners

During these uncertain times around the globe, we cannot help but think of the 200 service projects, hundreds of small businesses, and thousands of lives our programs would have normally impacted this year.

We want to offer a way for you to connect with and support some of the work of our local partners in countries around the world. Please check out these projects you can help support from your home!

Make Pouches for Rescue Joeys

Sew rescue wildlife pouches for joeys!

Please read instructions carefully and make items to the specifications.

Ship to: Rustic Pathways
PO Box 3453
VIC 3931

Once received, the joey pouches will be distributed to the three wildlife rehabilitation centers that we support. Please confirm you have sent the pouch with a tracking number on our submission form to receive community service hours.

Create Pre-Teen/Teen Education Resources

Create anti-bullying or puberty education resources.

Rustic Pathways is working with our local service partners in China to donate English language materials to children and teenagers who lack advanced resources on the topics. Once we receive the files, they will be used in school workshops hosted by the non-profit. The workshops mainly focus on Anti-Bullying and Puberty Education/Life Education.

You will have the option to choose from a variety of formats, including video, infographics, song, images, digital books, articles, activity guides and more.

Ready to Submit Your Work?

Please let us know what you have completed in the form below. Thank you so much for helping us support our partners around the world!

External Volunteer Opportunities

The sites below are external sites where you may wish to seek to volunteer. We cannot validate service hours at the below.

Here are a few ideas and organizations members of our team are supporting:

Donate blood. Blood drives are cancelled and there is a shortage. To find a location near you.

Donate supplies. Find donation sites nationwide or visit your local health department to find out what is needed and how you can help.

Help at-risk populations. Seniors and others may need grocery shopping help. Support organizations like Meals on Wheels, Feeding America or your local food bank.

Support communities around the world. Support international organizations like Give Directly and The Rustic Pathways Foundation.

Address sustainable development challenges. Make a global difference with the United Nations.

Offer a compassionate voice. Help the Red Cross share disaster updates and monitor online conversations for affected individuals who need help.

Connect with organizations in need. Share your skills with the Costa Rica Corps to help communities in need.

Assist during disasters. Help Humanity Road collect, verify and route information online during disasters.

Help kids obtain winter coats. Organize an online fundraiser for Operation Warm.

Sew emotional support blankets. Help a child in need of comfort by volunteering with Binky Patrol.

Walk to support a charity. Pledge to run or walk a certain number of miles for charity donations with Charity Miles.

Help fight antibiotic resistance. Contribute to research projects with Zooniverse.

Track bird populations. Help gather critical data for research, conservation, and education with eBird.

Lend your Photoshop skills. Operation Photo Rescue is looking for volunteers with experience in Photoshop help restore personal photos damaged by floods.

Use your technology skills. Educate and train others in technology to help overcome poverty with Right Here at Home.

Assists others with your skills. Choose from many skill-based volunteer opportunities on Idealist, and be matched with a non-profit on Taproot+.

Help others get tech-savvy. Volunteer to write, edit, and promote technology manuals for FLOSS Manuals.

Judge a stock market game. Help students learn financial education by judging Investwrite stock market games.

Tutor low-income students. Volunteer with Upchieve to provide homework help to students.

Empower students with disabilities. Serve as a narrator, listener or quality assurance volunteer for Learning Ally to help dyslexic, blind, and visually impaired students succeed in school.

Be a mentor. Mentor underserved and impoverished youth in South Africa when you volunteer with InfiniteFamily.

Mentor rising entrepreneurs. MicroMentor connects small business entrepreneurs from around the world with mentors.

Support entrepreneurs in Latin America. Help grow businesses in El Salvador and Guatemala through remote support and mentoring with Bpeace.

Become a peer counselor. Offer counseling to individuals facing challenges by volunteering with EmpowerWork.

Help map vulnerable areas. Map underserved areas where disasters occur for Missing Maps so the maps can be used to improve crises responses in those areas.

Contribute local knowledge. Edit a community-managed map of the globe on OpenStreetMap.

Build the map. Read deeds and create a database that will be used by Mapping Prejudice to complete a map of racial restrictions.

Research and expose human rights violations. Help Amnesty Decoders in the fight for social justice.

Transcribe documents. Earn virtual service hours through transcribing historical documents for the Smithsonian Institute.

Preserve historical documents. is looking for volunteers to transcribe documents into a publicly searchable database.

Lend your vision. Help blind and vision-impaired people by volunteering with Be My Eyes.

Become a translator. Volunteer with Translators without Borders to translate medical texts or translating for crisis response, or help subtitle TED Talks for TED Translators.

Offer multilingual support. Aid refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants that are in need with Tarjimly.

Share your voice. Drive innovation in voice technology with VocaliD.

Help people with disabilities access books. Scan, proofread or describe images to support BookShare.

Give others access to books. Help turn public books into online books for Project Gutenberg, Distributed Proofreaders and Librivox.