Self-Managed Airfare

Self-Managed Airfare

When you enroll in a Rustic Pathways Student Travel program, you’ll have the option to select a chaperoned group flight arranged by Rustic Pathways (if traveling from the United States to an international destination), or you can choose to book your own airfare.

In addition to families who choose to book their own flights, there are three instances in which self-managed airfare is the only flight option:

  • Students traveling on any program in the United States. Click here for information about how to book your flights for these programs.
  • Students traveling on spring break programs in Peru, Fiji, or the Dominican Republic. Click here for more info about spring break programs.
  • International students departing on their journey from outside the United States.

Rustic will provide detailed information about arrival and departure times and airport locations to assist you with buying flights.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your Personal Travel Advisor or email

Click below to learn more about how flights and travel, including chaperoned group flights, work at Rustic Pathways.