Teacher Appreciation Program

Rustic loves teachers.

Teachers develop our future doctors, architects, pilots, and program leaders. We want to show our love with Rustic Pathways Teacher Appreciation Program. The Teacher Appreciation (TAP) is a special 15% off discounted rate for all eligible summer programs.

Program Rules

  • You must receive your full-time salary from an educational institution. All teachers, faculty, support staff and administration are eligible.
  • TAP special rate can only be applied to your child
  • TAP special rate are offered on all student travel programs
  • TAP special rate cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts
  • TAP special rate applies to the program cost only, not airfare
The trip was very well planned and implemented. It was a big step for us to let our daughter go on an adventure/ service trip for 16 days with no one she knew. We felt well prepared for what to expect. The daily itinerary was key. She had such an amazing time with the adventures, service, and friends she made.

Quote by: Mary McNulty Dallas, Texas | Costa Rica

Why Rustic Pathways?


Rustic Pathways has been operating student travel programs for more than 36 years.

We work collaboratively with local partners to develop long-term plans that address high-priority community needs. These efforts are supported by our staff of international development professionals with a deep understanding of local community needs.

We identify and create appropriate roles for students to engage in meaningful community service projects, showing that small efforts add up to create large collective impact.

Impact and Personal Growth

Rustic Pathways is committed to facilitating positive impact through transformative student travel experiences that prioritize meaningful community engagement around the world. Programs are intentionally designed to challenge students to think critically and experience personal growth.

Health and Safety

More than 10,000 students travel safely each year with Rustic Pathways. Following our safety and security protocols, we supervise students from the time they arrive at the airport to the time they arrive back home. With extensive training provided to skilled Program Leaders, and a student-to-leader ratio of no more than six-to-one, your child is in good hands. All countries have comprehensive safety and risk management plans with emergency response coverage at all times.