Global Youth Climate Summit - A Collaboration with Stanford Center for Deliberative Democracy Starts July 12


Costa Rica is one of the top destinations for student travel this year. Read four reasons why teens and parents love this small nation.
How does a parent pick the right travel program for their teen and then plan for the trip? Rustic Pathways has gathered some of the best tips after nearly 40 years of offering specialized international programs for teens and young adults.
A special online program is being launched this July by the Stanford University Center for Deliberative Democracy and the Rustic Pathways Foundation. The Global Youth Climate Summit will challenge students in 7th-12th grade to design innovative solutions to environmental issues.
Today’s teenagers are regularly tuned in to issues about climate change and the environment. Parents can foster that interest and plan family activities around official events that focus on nature. Here is a look at some of these upcoming events and programs that may help, along with some Rustic Pathways’ alumni thoughts about these issues.
Mental health statistics show that the well-being of many teens drastically declined during the pandemic. Parents can help teens find their way back through international programs that are designed to build connections.
Providing your teen with a culturally-immersive international travel experience is the best investment you can make as a parent. Read about how stepping outside of their comfort zone can benefit your teen.
Janice Croze, one of the co-founders of the blog 5 Minutes for Mom, wrote about the process she used to prepare her 15-year-old son for his first high school volunteer abroad trip. Janice also included a list of seven tips and tricks she used to help her get ready for his two-week experience in Fiji on Rustic Pathways’ Sun, Sand, and International Service program.
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