A Roundup of the Most Popular Programs
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A Roundup of the Most Popular Programs

The enthusiasm for travel this year is very high as countries reopen borders and globetrotters make preparations to get back on the road.  We are seeing a surge of program signups, and our team is excited about welcoming students again.

Here is a roundup of our programs, starting with our hottest programs right now. Each of these programs have sessions that are 80% to 100% full. We have added new sessions and spots to fill demand. However if you want one of these programs, it is better to book now by selecting “start here” on the program description pages!

Hot Programs That Are Filling Fast


Animal Conservation in Australia

Ages 14-20 ~ 16 Days ~ 30 Service Hours

Perfect for students who are interested in wildlife conservation and treasure animals ranging from koalas to humpback whales

4 spots left in one session, signups have begun for a second session

Costa Rica

Surf and Service

Ages 14-20 ~ 9 Days ~ 12 Service Hours

Designed for students of all ability levels who love the ocean and giving back

One session is sold out. One spot remains for a second session, and there is limited availability on a third one.

Costa Rica

Turtle Conservation Project

Ages 13-20 ~ 9 Days ~ 30 Service Hours

Gives students the chance to save endangered turtles

One of our fastest filling programs – four sessions have very limited spots with one to three seats left for each. Two more sessions have just been added but are not expected to last.


Wild Galapagos: Eco-Service in Ecuador

Ages 15-18 ~ 15 Days ~ 20 Service Hours

Visit the islands Charles Darwin made famous and view an incredible variety of flora and fauna

Only 3 spots left in one session – the second one has a few more seats.


Big Fiji Explorer

Ages 14-18 ~ 16 Days ~ 6 Service Hours

An absolute action-packed adventure in this exotic location

One session is sold out. Signups are picking up for a second session.


Come with Nothing: The Mekong Expedition

Ages 15-18 ~ 25 Days ~ 60 Service Hours

An advanced service program on the Mekong River in Thailand

Two spots remain


Andes to Amazon (College)

Ages 18-22 ~ 15 Days ~ 20 Service Hours

Venture across Peru’s most famous destinations in this unique service adventure

One session is sold out, several seats remain in a second one

Costa Rica

Pura Vida Service 

Ages 12-18 ~ 9 Days ~ 22 Service Hours

Meaningful service and thrilling adventure at the Volcano and Rainforest Service Base – A popular choice for newer travelers

This program has higher capacity, but one session has limited spots left and registrations have picked up rapidly in the past few weeks.

Other Popular Program Options: Spring Break

Costa Rica

Spring Break Surf and Adventure

Ages 12-17 ~ 7 Days

You’ll surf, zipline, white water raft, and soak up the jungle environment on this getaway!

The Dominican Republic

Spring to the Dominican Republic 

Ages 14-18 ~ 8 Days ~ 12 Service Hours

Environmental restoration to assist communities in the Dominican Republic



College Programs


Moroccan Wanderer

Ages 18-22 ~ 15 Days ~ 10 Service Hours

Across the mighty desert, over the mountains, and into the sea


Andes to Amazon

Ages 18-22 ~ 15 Days ~ 20 Service Hours

Venture across Peru’s most famous destinations in this unique service adventure

Summer Program Options for Ages 12-18

The list below includes all the summer programs available for this age group. Click on the country name to see more information. Please note sessions for several of these programs are also filling with some being about 70-75% full.


  • Animal Conservation in Australia
  • Great Barrier Reef Dive Expedition
  • Seven Wonders of Australia


  • Floating Village Service Expedition

Costa Rica

  • Turtle Conservation Program
  • Pura Vida Service
  • Heart of the Jungle
  • Surf and Service in Costa Rica
  • Soccer and Service in Costa Rica
  • Summer Leadership Program in Costa Rica
  • Spanish Language Immersion

Dominican Republic

  • Mountain Air and Island Service
  • Marine Life and Coastal Restoration
  • Public Health in the Caribbean
  • Life in the Bateyes


  • Wild Galápagos: Eco-Service in Ecuador

Fiji Islands

  • Big Fiji Explorer
  • Sun, Sand and International Service
  • Intro to Community Service


  • Great Ghana Adventure


  • Himalayan Explorer


Anya Buyanerdene - Mongolia Country Manager

  • Off the Map: Mongolia


  • Moroccan Wanderer

Mystery Destination 

Program details are a secret!


  • Andes to Amazon
  • Sacred Valley


  • Culture and the Crater
  • African Environmental Conservation


  • Marine and Rainforest Conservation
  • Amazing Thailand
  • Southeast Asian Adventurer
  • Come with Nothing: The Mekong Expedition

United States


  • Hanoi to Ha Long

Possible New Programs:

We’re working on programs in the Balkans, Canada, and Italy. Stay Tuned!


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