What You Need to Know About Your 2017 Rustic Pre-Departure Package
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What You Need to Know About Your 2017 Rustic Pre-Departure Package

Each year we create a special pre-departure package for students who are traveling with us! Continue reading to find out what’s inside (and more behind why we designed and included each piece).

Rustic Travel Log – NEW for 2017!

A mini journal for you to record your Rustic experiences. This is the first year we’ve ever created this piece, and we’re especially excited about its perfect size—tuck it inside the book you’re bringing to read on the plane or slide it between the pages of your passport.

In addition to jotting down notes during and after your trip, there’s a section to record how you’re feeling now, as you get ready for your experience. What are you excited about? Are you nervous about anything? Take a few minutes to write down answers to these questions

Not convinced journaling is for you? Check out why these Program Leaders always keep a journal when they travel (spoiler alert: journaling has helped them relieve their incredible memories years later, as well as given them inspiration for college application essays). These journaling experts also compiled their best tips to help you get started.

Rustic Pathways Foundation Gift Card – NEW for 2017!

Get a head start on the positive impact you’re going to during your Rustic program this summer and donate $5 to the Rustic Pathways Foundation, at no cost to you!

Use the URL on the back of the gift card to make a donation to a specific Foundation project—support girls’ education in Peru, assist refugee youth in Baltimore, rehabilitate sloth bears in India, and more! The Rustic Pathways Foundation is our nonprofit that provides ongoing support to 15 projects in communities where our students travel. Learn more about how to get involved.

2017 Rustic Tee

To create this year’s design, our graphic designer Julia Vann drew inspiration from the National Parks Service posters and small patch illustrations. “I highlighted Rustic’s destination countries with a modern feel, utilizing a simplified linear style and earth tones.”

Remember to wear your Rustic t-shirt on travel day! Rustic Airport Coordinators and Flight Leaders will be wearing a blue version of the t-shirt.

Want to see what previous Rustic t-shirts looked like? Check out this video. We dug up t-shirts going all the way back to 2007. That’s 10 years of Rustic shirts!

Wristband – NEW for 2017!

Wear this in addition to your Rustic t-shirt during travel day and throughout your trip. It has our emergency number on it…just in case!

Healix International ID card

HX Global (part of Healix International) is our travel partner and leading provider of health and travel assistance services internationally. The ID card includes a 24/7-accessible phone number and email address should you have any questions before or during your trip. This is a great piece to share with your family members and hang on your fridge, or wherever you and your family keep important, shared information.

Luggage Tags

Two luggage tags to use with on the bags (one checked, one carry-on) that you take on your trip (Yes, that’s a subtle hint. Don’t bring more than two bags with you!)


We wanted to make it easier for you to record those memories in your travel log ?


You’ll get a sticker with the name of the country or countries where you’re traveling and another general Rustic sticker to put wherever you want. Decorate a water bottle, or put them up in your bedroom or locker—it’s up to you!

Please let us know if you have any questions about your pre-departure package. Happy traveling!

If you haven’t enrolled for a Rustic summer program, it’s not too late! And as soon as you do, we’ll send you a pre-departure package of your own. If you have any questions about how to choose a program, request a call from one our global travel experts. 

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