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Photos That Will Make You Want To Sell Your Belongings and Move to a Floating Village
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Photos That Will Make You Want To Sell Your Belongings and Move to a Floating Village

The following photo series from Rustic Pathways staff member, Mary O’Connor, depicts life in the Prek Toal floating village in Cambodia. The friendly faces of the villagers, the vibrant colors of the produce, and the majesty of Angkor Wat at sunrise will make you feel completely at home.

A woman paddles through Prek Toal floating village. Everywhere that you look there are photos to be made in this community. Prek Toal is full of dazzlingly bright colors and beautiful scenes of daily village life.


Tuk-tuk, or motor-taxi, is one of the the most common modes of transportation in Cambodia. Here a man drives his tuk-tuk on the banks of the Tonle Sap River. I shot this photo from the Rustic Pathways boat during the Floating Village program.


We built a new home for this woman, her husband, and their three children on the Floating Village Service program. Mom and one daughter are pictured here in their old home, which had several holes in the floor and walls—creating a serious danger for the children and exposing them to the elements. We built them a new home right beside this one. My students also decided to pool money together to buy them a new set of cooking pans and utensils and a large bag of rice. They were so grateful for the gifts.


The bright colors and distinct smells of traditional Cambodian markets are overwhelming! Here is an array of fruits, veggies, grains, and nuts at the market in Battambang.


Young Monks walk through Angkor Wat temple complex just after sunrise. I was lucky to snag this shot of the monks in motion- I love the texture of their robes as they fold and sway.


One of my favorite things about Cambodia is all of the fresh produce! This woman sells fruits and vegetables from her boat in Prek Toal floating village. We would buy fresh fruit and veggies daily to make delicious meals on our Rustic Pathways boat.


This little guy was hanging out and posing for us on an unusually quiet day at Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s famous temple complex and the largest religious monument in the world.


Two of the children who we built a new home for in Prek Toal Floating Village on the Floating Villages program.


I met this man in a hindu-buddhist temple near Battambang. His big, friendly smile is a common encounter in Cambodia- you are constantly being welcomed with a smile, a wai (bow of the head and fold of the hands) and, a sues-day! (hello).

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