The 27 Funniest and Most Joyful Rustic Photos
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The 27 Funniest and Most Joyful Rustic Photos

There are so many wonderful photos taken during Rustic travels. Many of them show stunning views. Others capture restful moments when students stop to take group photos, or they serve as reminders about the work hard completed during service projects.

Amid the photos, there are several that really stand out for capturing humor and joy. Here are 27 of those photos.

Nothing like a day at the spa.

Sorry to interrupt your superhero pose. Who’s ready to sky dive?


Synchronized leaping? Score – 10

More synchronized leaping. It’s a tough competition.

Sure! I’ll take a selfie with you.

No, I am not thrilled about taking a selfie.

Just hanging out in Costa Rica.

All you need is love.

This is my biggest smile.

There’s one in every crowd.

Hey! Do you have any treats?

Safety first!

I got here first – Give me that snack!

Pure adrenaline-fueled joy!

Kick up your heels.

Welcome to the desert.

You said you wanted to be in the front.

Ahoy there! What is this I see?

Which way are we holding our arms?


Strike a pose.

You can never have too many hats.

Impressive froggy jump.

The opposite of a belly flop?

I got it!

The Sound of Music dance rehearsal?

Leapfrogging over the competition in the group photo category.

Got some fun photos to share? Let us know in the comments.



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