Rustic Spirit Spotlights: Connor, Ciara and Jhanavi 
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Rustic Spirit Spotlights: Connor, Ciara and Jhanavi 

Rustic Spirit Spotlights are a collection of stories that shine a light on amazing changemakers who are leading young and working hard to make a positive impact. Not only have they made a difference, but they are showing other young people they can change the world too.

Connor Farrell
Age 16
St. Joseph’s Catholic School
South Carolina, United States

Bright Lights Greenville is a nonprofit that Connor’s family founded to help improve hygiene and access to hygiene supplies among the homeless in their local community. Every month Connor packs and distributes hygiene kits to unhoused men and women, with 3,000 kits given out since the nonprofit’s founding in 2020. To expand and broaden their reach, Connor and his family are currently developing partnerships with local nonprofits.

Connor is a competitive swimmer. He plans to major in political science and international relations in college. Connor’s career aspirations are to become a diplomat and ambassador before entering domestic politics. He would love to eventually run for Senate or the Presidency!

Impact advice: Kids really can make a difference! I have witnessed firsthand just how incredible the effect can be when kids and teens come together to create change in their communities. I would advise students to get involved and connect with other students to gain additional and invaluable perspectives.

Ciara Scherr
Age 15
Glen Ullin High School
North Dakota, United States

Ciara is running the Young Farmers program at her school and has spent many hours preparing and teaching as a volunteer. Young Farmers is an opportunity to pass down agriculture experiences and knowledge to elementary students. Her passion for service work and agriculture has provided a unique opportunity to teach others.

In her free time Ciara enjoys reading, writing, drawing, painting, teaching, and making people smile and laugh. She plans to major in English and aspires to become an English teacher.

Impact advice: Be kind to everyone you see; you don’t know what they are going through or what they went through. I always tell myself kindness is key–always be kind and never give up on your goals, always strive to achieve them. 

Age 17
Arlington High School
United States

Jhanavi is a member of the Bridge Builders club which welcomes new and transfer students to school. She assists incoming exchange students, supports teachers who are overwhelmed, and organizes activities such as pizza parties for new students.

For enjoyment, Jhanavi paints, makes ceramics, draws, and dances. She’s a huge anime fan, and her two favorite shows are Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan. Jhanavi isn’t sure what she will pursue in college yet, but she’s certain that she wants her career to include children, a well-paying salary, and personal satisfaction.

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