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How to Enroll in a Rustic Pathways Program
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How to Enroll in a Rustic Pathways Program

Find out how easy it is to enroll in a Rustic trip by following these three steps:

1. Pick your Rustic experience.

Before you start the online enrollment form, select a program (or programs) and dates that work for your schedule. If you need help choosing a program, watch our How to Choose a Program video series or call a Global Programs Advisor (GPA), our team of travel experts at 1.800.321.4353.

2. Complete the online enrollment form.

To complete enrollment, you need two things: 15 mins of your time and a credit card (for the one-time enrollment fee). Other documentation (Passport, medical records, etc…) can be added later. We can’t process enrollments over the phone, but we’re happy to assist you. Just give our GPA team a call at 1.800.321.4353.

3. Become your PTA’s best friend.

Once you complete the online enrollment form, you’ll receive a welcome letter via email in 48-72 business hours from your Personal Travel Advisor (PTA). Your PTA will help you book a domestic flight (if necessary), fill out medical forms, and complete your payment. They’ll be available for anything else that might come up before your teen’s trip. Think of them as your new Rustic BFF.

Common FAQs

Student and Parent Section

What if I don’t have my child’s passport info?

Don’t have your student’s passport on hand? Do they not have a passport yet? Don’t worry!! You can skip the passport section and provide us with passport information later. Learn about how to get a passport quickly.

What if I don’t know my student’s t-shirt size?

If your teen is growing like a weed and you’re not exactly sure what size they might want, don’t fret…your PTA can always change their t-shirt size later.

Choosing a Program Section

Can I enroll in multiple programs? How do I connect programs?

All programs in the same country or region can be seamlessly combined.  Our website indicates the dates that teens depart and return to the United States. They may overlap because travel time has been included. If your program dates overlap by a day or two, that means they connect in country!

Payment Section

What are my payment options?

Choose to pay by secure electronic check / ACH payment, electronic wire transfer, or check. There are three payment schedules to choose from.

  1. Pay in full when you enroll.
  2. Pay in two installments if you enroll before March 4. Make your first installment 15 days after enrolling and your final installment 90 days before departure. After March 4, consult your PTA for information about payment plans.
  3. Pay the minimum amount due at enrollment (enrollment fee and any optional fees including Trip Mate insurance and Optional Cancellation Waiver) and we’ll email you a link to your invoice, at which time you can choose to pay in full or in installments.

Can I book my own airfare?

To ensure that our programs operate in a safe and orderly manner, Rustic Pathways makes all arrangements for students’ international air travel from the time they leave North America until the time they return at the end of a successful adventure. There are only two exceptions to this: students who live outside North America may be asked to arrange their own international air travel, and students who apply very late in the season may be required to make their own airfare arrangements when group seats on escorted flights are no longer available.

Cancellation / Other Info

What if I need to cancel my program?

We hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does, you can purchase our Option Cancellation Waiver at the time of enrollment. Or you could defer funds for future travel using our  No-Stress Travel Policy if you need to cancel for any reason.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our Global Program Advisors at 800.321.4353 or email at We’re excited for you to travel with us!

About the Author

Emily Greiff

Website Coordinator

Originally from a small town in Massachusetts, Emily realized her dreams of living in the mountains when she moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the fall of 2014. Prior to that, Emily lived and worked in NYC after graduating from Colgate University with a dual degree in Spanish and Environmental Studies. This is Emily’s first experience working with Rustic Pathways but has done a number of service and travel programs in the past including trips to the Dominican Republic, Spain, and Romania. Emily is passionate about playing in the mountains, yoga, cooking, and art.