Programs in Laos

Programs in Laos

Teacher-Led Trips in Laos

Join us in Laos to experience breathtaking scenery and immersive service projects. Many of our programs visit the villages our local staff call home, taking students off the tourist path. Our leaders help students make the connection between Laos’ complex past, developing present, and hopeful future. Every year students fall in love with this little-known country and leave with a better understanding of its distinct culture.

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An advanced service program down the Mekong River in Laos

$2,275 plus Airfare
14 Days
18 Service Hours

Service and adventure on the banks of the Mekong River.

$2,195 plus Airfare
7 Days
12 Service Hours

Take your shoes off, sit back, and watch the awe-inspiring sunset from the deck of the Rustic Pathways Base as the Mekong River flows beneath you. Whether you’re in remote villages surrounded by limestone cliffs, zip lining alongside waterfalls, or giving morning offerings to a procession of Buddhist monks, Laos will leave you with a constant grin and new appreciation for life.” — Keegan Kennedy, Laos Senior Country Manager

Quote by: Keegan has been teaching, studying, and researching in Thailand for more than a decade. Originally from northern California, he completed his master’s thesis on the effects of forest fires on floral and fungal communities. Keegan is fluent in both written and spoken Thai and Lao, and brings his deep knowledge of Southeast Asia’s eco-systems, history, and cultures to Rustic Pathways operations year-round.

Khamla Duangmala

Laos Country Manager

Khamla is a leading force behind the development of our Laos team and has managed operations for eight years. Originally from the heart of rural Xayaboury province, he received a degree in economics from Souphanuvong University in Luang Prabang, where he now lives with his wife and young daughter. Khamla is always ready to tackle any challenge, managing our year-round programs with calm expertise. He has also been instrumental in the expansion of our Luang Prabang Base on the Mekong River in Laos.

Anou Phetsila

Laos Senior Program Manager

Anou, who joined Rustic Pathways in 2009, hails from the rural western frontier of Xayaboury Province along the border of Laos and Myanmar. As a certified Wilderness First Responder, he has been a key staff member on the Come With Nothing: The Mekong Expedition staff for several years. Anou has traveled extensively with students throughout Southeast Asia.

Somphan Lorxouamai

Laos Administration Manager

Somphan grew up in Na Som, a small Hmong village in Vang Vieng, Laos. Somphan helps to manage The Sticky Rice Service Adventure, and is a big reason why we have such deep connections to the Na Som community. Somphan’s father is a respected village leader and shaman who shares Hmong traditions with our students. In his free time, Somphan enjoys studying English and playing soccer. He is also well-known for his English-Lao karaoke skills which make him a favorite on long drives in the RP vans.


Laos Program Manager

Meng Yang joined Rustic Pathways in 2008 and is one of Laos’ most experienced staff. He grew up in Na Som village, one of the core locations on the ‘Sticky Rice Service Adventure’ Program. Mengyang’s happy nature and passion for sharing Laos culture make him a valuable leader across a variety of programs.

Khampow Sivilay

Laos Senior Program Manager

Khampao is a star member of our leadership team in Laos. He completed three years of vocational study in electronics in Luang Prabang before joining Rustic Pathways seven years ago. In that time, Khampao has developed his program leadership skills, and his charm and quick smile make him a favorite with our students. Khampao grew up in Xayaboury, the province with the highest number of elephants in all of Laos, and lends his childhood experiences there to the Lao Elephant Retreat and Luang Prabang program. A newlywed, Khampao looks forward to starting a family of his own in the next few years.


Laos Program Manager

Buapha grew up in a small village just a short walk from the beautiful Kuang Xi Waterfall in Luang Prabang, Laos. After finishing school, he worked as a tour guide and taxi driver before joining our Laos team eight years ago. Buapha is a key leader on Come With Nothing: The Mekong Expedition, ensuring the students are always safe and having fun. Buapha enjoys playing cards and learning English from our students.

Lin Lin Ooh

Mekong Base Manager

Born in Burma’s Bago Division, Lin Lin Ooh has been an integral member of the Rustic Pathways team for more than nine years. Ooh is fluent in Burmese, English, and Thai, and is known throughout the organization for his strong leadership skills. He has traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia and the U.S. as one of our key senior program managers. Ooh is now the manager of our beautiful base in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Khamtai Visai

Laos Program Leader

Khamtai hails from a remote hill tribe village outside of Luang Prabang. An instant favorite with students, Khamtai is one of our future leaders with a real knack for community service. He loves showing students around his fascinating village. Khamtai’s English has come a long way, and he has earned the reputation of being our handyman who can fix just about anything.