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Rustic Spirit Around the World

Rustic Spirit Around the World

These individuals embody the Rustic spirit and are making a positive impact near and far. Check out their stories below.

Gaurav Tyagi | Palo Alto, California

Gaurav is a senior at Palo Alto high school and the founder and CEO of Reading Good. Reading Good is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to improve literacy and promote a love for reading in underprivileged elementary school students.

Lana Nguyen and Susanna Lau | Bay Area, California

High school students Lana and Susanna founded SupplyHopeInfo, a teen-run project based in the Bay Area aimed at helping low-income students overcome challenges that come with distance learning.


Yusuf Munna | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Student and CEO Yusuf Munna founded Reflective Teens 2013, a non-profit that serves as an environment for fostering, expressing and exposing the creative abilities of teenagers.


Hope Hearted | San Jose, California

Asavari, Quynh, Chloe, and Heather founded and are successfully running a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Hope Hearted works with shelters, food banks, and free clinics to distribute sanitary and basic medical supplies to unhoused and low-income individuals in the Bay Area, California.