Flights and Travel

Internal Flights 
• Internal Flights are flights that occur between or within countries as part of program itineraries. The cost for these flights are reflected on your invoice as ‘Internal Airfare’ and will be booked by Rustic Pathways.

Program Start and End Flights 
• You will have the option to have Rustic Pathways make all arrangements for your international air travel from locations within the United States to your program, and back. We want to make this easy for you!
• Approximately two months before your program begins, you will receive details on our recommended flights for your trip. These recommended flights will be for travel from airports within the U.S. where we will have an airport coordinator available to assist with connections from domestic to international flights.
• If you opt to have Rustic Pathways buy your international flights, the cost of the flights will be added to your invoice and payment will be due upon receipt. See below for estimated flight costs by program.
• If you live outside North America, or don’t want to use our preferred flights, you may book your own tickets, provided you arrive and depart within the timeframes we provide. If you apply very late in the season, you may be required to make your own airfare arrangements if our recommended flights are no longer available. If you book flights that arrive or depart outside of recommended time windows, you will need to pay a $150 charge for Rustic Pathways to manage your transfer.
• Rustic Pathways is not responsible for the cost to change, replace, or refund your flights under any circumstances. We recommend insuring your flights. For more information, visit

Flight Cost Estimates 
Spanish Immersion and Service 
If you choose to have us book your flights, you will depart and return through a domestic gateway airport.
Estimated Cost: $600 – $800

South Pacific Service and Ocean Skills 
If you choose to have us book your flights, you will depart and return through our gateway airport in Los Angeles, California (LAX).
Estimated Cost from LA: $1,600
Estimated Cost from other US cities: $1,750 – $2,000

Golden Lands and World Heritage 
If you choose to have us book your flights, you will depart and return through our gateway airport in New York (JFK).
Estimated Cost from New York: $1,600
Estimated Cost from other US Cities: $1,700 – $2,000

Please contact us for estimated flight costs: +1 440.249.6088

Please note: quoted prices are estimates. Actual prices are dependent on the date the tickets are booked. If the specified flight is not available at the time of booking, we will provide an alternate flight. The cost of any flight we book for you includes a $100 booking fee and one checked bag up to 44 pounds (20 kg). Tickets booked by Rustic Pathways are not changeable or refundable. If you miss a flight, you will be responsible for any additional ticketing costs and other associated expenses.