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Service Scholarship

The Service Scholarship application for 2020 will open in late October. The process of awarding financial aid is on a rolling basis, so expect to hear back from us within two weeks of submitting your application.

Required Materials

  • Digital Copy of Household Income Statement
  • Two Short Essay Responses

Program Selection

We offer very few full scholarships. In choosing your top three program selections, please keep in mind it is likely you will be responsible for a portion of the program fee and airfare. 

The Service Scholarship is eligible for the following programs. Please keep in mind this list is subject to change based on availability. On the application, you’ll be asked to rank your top three program choices from this list.

These programs are intentionally designed for first-time travelers and give students the opportunity to have an incredible first solo travel experience.

Proof of Household Income

You will be asked to required to provide proof of household income. We do not offer financial aid to families with a household income above $100,000.

We accept: FAFSA, federal tax forms, or social security benefit documents are required to verify income eligibility. If you are not a U.S. resident, any tax document from your government will be accepted. Tax filings must be from either 2017 or 2018.


Students must provide proof of household income less than $100,000 to be eligible for the Service Scholarship. The Service Scholarship is for first-time travelers only, and students will not be considered for the scholarship if they are already enrolled in a program.