How to Enroll

How to Enroll

Choose between a traditional Rustic Pathways Gap Year experience, which includes different levels of adventure or community service, or a Verto Education experience where you’ll earn college credit during an immersive gap year before continuing your education on campus.

Verto Education

To apply for a Verto Education Gap Year program, students must be high school graduates between the ages of 17 and 22 who are not currently enrolled in college.

Step 1: Apply Online at

Apply directly to any Verto partner college when you apply for a program. If you’re interested in a school that hasn’t yet partnered with Verto, that’s OK! We’ll work with you to determine how course credits will transfer to your university.

Step 2: Receive a Joint Admissions Decision

After applying, you’ll receive a joint admissions decision for Verto and the partner school in two to three weeks. No need to wait until May to know which school you’ll be attending next year!

Step 3: Complete One or Two Semesters Abroad

Earn up to 16 college credits for each Verto program you complete. Then arrive on the partner college’s campus as a second semester freshman or for your first semester as a sophomore.

Rustic Pathways

To travel for a Rustic Pathways Gap Year program, students must be high school graduates between the ages of 17 and 22 by the time their program begins.

Step 1: Enroll Online at

Enroll here and then you’ll receive a welcome letter and payment invoice within 24 hours. We’ll also work to schedule an enrollment call with you in the next two weeks.

Step 2: Speak With Our Gap Year Admissions Coordinator

During your enrollment call, we’ll discuss your gap year goals and answer any questions you or your family might have. After the call, we’ll figure out flight details and provide other travel information. Attend a pre-trip webinar a month before departure to ask any additional questions.

Step 3: Travel on One or More Gap Semesters

Explore new cultures, meet people from different backgrounds, share meaningful experiences, and return to school focused and ready to tackle the rest of your education.

Am I eligible to take a Gap Year?

To participate in any of our Gap Year programs, students must fulfill the following requirements. You must…

1. Be 17-22 years old.
2. Have graduated from high school or can provide official documentation from their high school stating that they have fulfilled all graduation requirements.
3. Not require regular therapy or psychiatric consultations during programs.
4. Not be legally adjudicated or on probation.
5. Read, understand, and follow written and verbal instruction given by our staff and activity providers in English.
6. Openly and constructively communicate with program staff and fellow students.
7. Self-manage personal health and wellbeing, including medication or medical treatment, nutrition, allergies, hydration, and emotions.
8. Exercise tolerance and respect toward people of various cultures, religions, ethnicities, genders, and nationalities.
9. Cope with various environmental challenges such as heat, cold, altitude, precipitation, dust, insects, and other elements specific to each program.
10. Independently assess conditions, identify hazards, and act appropriately to avoid danger.