A Found Family in Costa Rica

A Found Family in Costa Rica

By Olivia Venneman

Heart of the Jungle, Costa Rica 2021

I am a 16 year old senior in high school, who loves to dance, rock climb and try new things! I hope to continue traveling the world and meet amazing people!

My Rustic trip to Costa Rica was a trip of a lifetime. I met so many amazing people and created memories that I will keep with me forever.

The community service aspect of the trip was one of the highlights. I worked with a group of people to efficiently hand mix 36 wheelbarrows of concrete while jamming out to rock music in the rain.

Everyone was so excited to be there and to work and dance with the locals. It was eye opening to see how differently people live and how little we knew about them before.

The friends I met on this trip are people that I know I will meet up with again. To this day I can recall a lot of little moments that bring me so much joy; Singing at the top of our lungs on the bus to playing intense games of spoons to the motivation we gave out during our kayaking trip.

Our group leaders were very friendly and became a part of our family as well through a very intense 3-hour long soccer game. They would chat with us, give us lessons about the culture and ecosystems around us, and introduce us to the locals.

After all the games nobody could keep a smile off their face. Through all the wild adventures and the quiet nights in the tents my group became a family. 🙂

All images provided by Olivia.

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