We are frequently asked about what vaccinations are recommended for international travel. While we can’t legally make specific recommendations (since we’re not a medical company), we can provide some simple steps to help you become a prepared and informed traveler!

  1. Research your country(s) of travel. Refer to your Rustic Pathways program webpage to find the itinerary and understand the locations you’ll be visiting.
  2. Refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to learn about recommended and optional vaccines and medications.
  3. When specific questions arise, contact International SOS (ISOS) and talk with their medical specialists.
    • To access ISOS, contact them directly at 215-354-5000 and provide your membership number included within your enrollment confirmation. Explain where you will be traveling to and ask what vaccines and medications they recommend.
  4. Discuss this information with your general physician or local travel doctor.
    • Don’t know how to find a local travel clinic? Here are a few suggestions:
      • Call your general physician and let them know what your plans are and they will be able to direct you to the appropriate medical office.
      • Most Universities have travel clinics associated with them.
      • Look up www.passporthealthusa.com for recommended travel clinics in your area.

Some vaccination and medication expenses can be covered by medical insurance while other vaccinations are not. It’s always good practice to discuss these expenses with your insurance provider before paying out of pocket.

Also, be aware that some immunizations involve a series of inoculations or medications spanning several weeks, so don’t put this off for the last minute. We suggest taking action at least 8 weeks prior to your departure date.


Other Resources:

World Health Organization

United States Embassy